10 Fastest Growing Bigdata Companies 2018

TRIANZ Enabling Real-Time Insights and Enhanced Decision Making Through Robust Analytics Platforms and Frameworks

thesiliconreview-todd-nash-vice-president-trianz-18“We firmly believe a well-designed enterprise information security architecture setup rooted in business strategy and aligned with IT programs can substantially fortify a company’s value.”

In the modern era, it’s still early sailing in the digital realm of big data, and the professionals navigating through the rising ocean of available information are only beginning to see below the surface of its capabilities. The question becomes how individual businesses, industries as a group, and society as a whole can use this information to its advantage. Opportunities for taking big data to new levels are virtually infinite, and within the current market, data scientists and market analysts are expending much of their efforts on better asset utilization.

The key factor is improving data analytics and Silicon Valley-based company, Trianz has been refining data analytics solutions to better harness and extrapolate beneficial intelligence gleaned from big data in real time. For more than 15 years, Trianz has emphasized to improve online customer ad targeting, regional marketing campaigns, competitive intelligence research as well as streamlining operations through better asset utilization.

With its headquarters in Santa Clara, California, Trianz was incorporated in 2001. The company has additional offices in Washington DC Metro, Rosemont, Chicago, Austin, Boston, Denver, Irvine, Raleigh, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Dubai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Deep Dive into Trianz

Trianz is one of the fastest rising companies among Silicon Valley’s foremost practitioners in digital transformation services. Trianz is focused on helping leadership in organizations develop a better perspective, set their sights on the long-term, and put in place results-oriented strategies for their Digital Enterprise. A pivotal effort toward this goal includes helping enterprises develop a robust data analytics capability. Leading the way at Trianz is Todd Nash, Vice President of the firm’s Analytics Information Management (AIM) practice, who explains, “Our focus is to help enterprises leverage their data assets so they may better understand – and make intelligent decisions about – their customers, brand, competitors, operations and market opportunities, which ultimately drives business value.” Although the firm has grown exponentially, Trianz maintains a one-firm culture, adhering to a common set of professional principles, client service standards, and global values.

The Founding Mantra: Staying Relevant, Staying Competitive

Founded as a technology solutions enterprise in Silicon Valley in 2001, Trianz leaders have proven light-years ahead of other management consultants when they chose to reconstruct their strategic business consulting model around the growing prevalence of big data and align it with new, unfamiliar technology that nevertheless held a lot of promise—cloud-based, digital platforms. Since Trianz had already cleared a path through a global, highly competitive tech space from its inception, it was a natural extension to become highly proficient in developing new digital advancements within this environment. During the fabulous growth and success, one thing that has never wavered is Trianz’ commitment to helping clients stay both relevant and competitive. By envisioning and preparing its core business consulting practice early on to leverage advancements in big data, cloud technology, data science, and analytics, Trianz’ portfolio today focuses on achieving business goals through the Cloud, Analytics, Digitalization, Infrastructure, and Security solutions.

Trianz: The Revolutionary in Network Management

Trianz, which deliberately tied its own future to big data and cloud technology solutions from the very beginning as its core service offerings, would be the first to advocate that these concepts, in almost all respects, have revolutionized the way enterprises manage their networks today. If one looks at big data as the raw product, then the cloud and the associated data science/analytics behind it act as the warehouse, distribution center, and transportation system for that product. There’s no question that companies, regardless of their placement along the digital evolution track, each have unique opportunities to gain and positive results from these transformations will not just pay for themselves, but serve as building blocks for future expansions.

If an enterprise-wide network, managed through cloud-based technology and is built on best practices, it unlocks the key to more dependable information, which leads to better decision support, more nimble marketing, operational transparency, improved customer targeting and satisfaction rates, and overall business security. This draws the conclusion that cloud-based, big data networks enable the business to best meet or even exceed sales and operations goals.

AI Driven Business Process

thesiliconreview-bigdata-us-cover-18Trianz believes IT enterprises should embrace AI to drive business processes, as long as tangible results, long-term benefits, and ROI outweighs the costs. Innovations in AI and RPA are among the most exciting tech advancements the industry has encountered to date.

This leads to the longer, more complicated issue. While these newsworthy inventions showcase the more exciting aspects of AI’s potential, most of the industry is concerned with the due diligence necessary to incorporating the interdependent data science underlying AI’s machine learning capability. Trianz has learned that unintended consequences can and do occur when existing frameworks don’t have the bandwidth or can’t catch up to meet the new demands AI, and any accompanying RPA processes will inevitably have on existing systems and programs that depend on quality, timely data, including MDM, security, and data governance, just to name a few.

The nuts-and-bolts of the architecture that drive these innovations are also an integral part of the AI and Trianz is committed to getting it right. The firm’s AI leaders work under the principle that by its very nature, AI technology cannot be a plug-and-play function, independent of a larger enterprise. If that were the case, machine-learning isn’t possible. Rather, the team is focused on evaluating, recommending, and implementing robust infrastructure modifications as required—so that existing, enterprise-wide processes working in tandem with new, data-dependent AI and RPA tasks can continue to function as intended.

Pillar of Success: Clientele Satisfaction

Like its clients, Trianz recognizes the importance of client satisfaction and engages with an independent research firm to conduct an annual survey of clients to gain an accurate picture of how the firm is doing. Trianz’ client satisfaction scores in 2017 were:

  • Business impact: Over 70% of clients rated its focus and business impact delivery as being superior to other firms they engage with
  • Predictability of execution: Over 79% of clients rated Trianz their #1 partner for the predictability of execution as measured in timely delivery and minimal surprises
  • Commitment to client success: 86% of clients said Trianz brings a level of commitment to their success, openness, and transparency that is superior to other firms
  • Relationship experience: Client and Trianz teams enjoy their partnerships. Over 90% of clients engaged Trianz for repeat business, and over 80% of them referred Trianz to other clients

Standing Ovation for Trianz’ Achievement

Trianz was thrilled to learn that Forbes Magazine named the firm among “America’s Best Management Consulting Firms in 2018.” This is an extraordinary feat and motivates Trianz even further to provide better solutions. Trianz appreciates the regard and trust clients continue to place in the firm.

Managing the Needs of a Highly Volatile Market

In terms of big data and an enterprise’s ability to effectively manage its own data assets and related applications, Trianz’ research indicates that the pace of enterprise content growth exceeds 50 percent per annum. Many organizations face the challenge of managing and extracting value from these large volumes of digital content. To mitigate risk and derive enterprise value from volumes of digital assets, Trianz has development enterprise content management (ECM) systems to efficiently tag, share, track, and analyze content in any form, location, or channel.

Trianz stresses that factors like onerous data policy, shadow IT, and mobile growth, for example, all hinder productivity. With meaningful enterprise content management consulting inputs, Trianz developss its customers’ ECM programs to tap the enormous potential of their enterprise content, including burgeoning IoT data. Parts of these efforts require changing hearts and minds, flipping priorities so innovation takes precedence over maintenance. Trianz’ aim is to deploy systems that enable knowledge workers to focus on the customer experience as well. With smarter management of enterprise content, another benefit involves decreasing the risk of unexpected digital challenges.

Navigating the Rough Waters of Big Data and Security

Trianz works with organizations to provide a secure business environment for data by deploying comprehensive, business-aligned security architectures enabled by people, processes, and technology that can minimize risks and lower costs. Its solutions and services are fully compliant with complex information security standards such as the global Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) SP 800-53.

Trianz promotes an organization-wide culture of risk awareness. Relating to Government Risk and Compliance, Trianz consultants provide GRC blueprints that address business needs for data classification and protection, security and regulatory compliance, as well as security maturity modeling. New regulations such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the US Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule cannot be treated as afterthoughts.

Transforming application development also requires breaking down different functional silos, allowing information security GRC to be embedded into business operations. Digital transformations stay on schedule as the risks will get evaluated before implementation and there will be compliance with government regulations (by design), besides integration into imperatives.

The Roadmap Ahead

Trianz’ leadership believes in the value of partnerships, which extends to staff associates, clients, and numerous leading tech innovators. Acknowledging top-tier partnerships with several organizations that include IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft, among others, these robust partnerships with industry-leading technology providers continue to play an important role and are part of the company’s success. These collaborations help them gain in-depth knowledge and expertise in partner solutions, and in combination with Trianz’ core competencies, have enabled the firm to provide integrated turnkey solutions to clients around the globe. Trianz has also recently augmented its analytics capabilities, engaging over 40 professionals comprising data analysts, data scientists, and several project executives to lead its in-house data analytics practice. Trianz’ future plans also include strategically expanding its global presence to serve customers in emerging markets.

The Mastermind behind the Masterstroke

Todd Nash, Vice President, Analytics Practice: Todd is recognized as a thought leader in the areas of Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics and the advantages these investments generate toward business growth. As Vice President of Trianz’ Analytics Practice, Todd stresses that design and development of Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse applications are multi-faceted endeavors, with many moving parts.

His career comprises noteworthy expertise in all of the components—planning, account management, project direction, project management—that are related to MDM, CRM, e-commerce and leveraged ERP systems. Todd continues to personally manage, design, and lead a variety of engagements related to the financial services, health care, reinsurance, non-profit, higher education and pharmaceutical industries.

Mr. Nash also is a recognized leader among his peers in business management and operations, most recently in helping guide CBIG Consulting’s business strategy and growth. Along with his 25+ years of consulting experience driving customer value, he has managed both global as well as domestic Business Intelligence practices.

“Our business theme, ‘Digital Evolution Simplified,’ reflects our commitment to helping business and technology leaders drive transformations through simple yet effective techniques.”