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Uncovering the Business Value of Data with Integrated Analytics: Trianz


“One of our key skills is helping enterprises reconstruct their relevant business strategies to take advantage of the operational agility, efficiency, and cost benefits that managed services offer.

In today’s digital world, most organizations can’t operate without generating mountains of structured and unstructured data. For forward-thinking businesses, it’s a continual quest to harness this vital information and gain a better understanding of their clients, increase sales effectiveness, and streamline operations. While migrating on-premises infrastructure to more accessible cloud-based platforms is one of the most effective strategies organizations can use to maintain competitiveness, taking advantage of Data Analytics to understand and use the huge amount of data is paramount to drive business goals.

Established in 2001 in the Silicon Valley, Trianz was started with the premise to tackle the challenges of the digital economy. Over the last several years, Trianz has invested significant time and effort to build its Data Science and cloud-centric Data Analytics Practice, with services designed to help client enterprises extract significantly more business value from their own data assets, relevant, and available Big Data, and scalable processing power of the cloud. Having envisioned and prepared its core Business Consulting Practice to leverage advancements in data science, analytics, and cloud technology, Trianz’ portfolio today focuses on achieving business goals through the Cloud, Analytics, Digitalization, Infrastructure, and Security paradigms.

Founded by current CEO and President Sri Manchala, Trianz
has embraced the business theme, “Digital Evolution Simplified.” Manchala and his team are presciently positioning the firm as a next generation leader in digital transformation engagements, successfully merging the firm’s strategic business consulting model with transformative digital technology to help clients stay relevant and competitive in the global marketplace.

Excellent Analytics Strategy for Targeted Growth

Armed with a cogent strategic growth plan and superior understanding of advanced solutions in cloud technology and applied data analytics, Todd Nash – Vice President of Analytics – is helping business and technology decision makers drive transformations through targeted data analytics endeavors. With Nash at the helm, Trianz’ award-winning Analytics Information Management (AIM) group has successfully developed and continues to sustain its creative environment for accomplishing far-reaching innovations in data-driven enterprise solutions. Nash is also spearheading the firm’s deliberate expansion into smaller, more strategic programs to help clients break out of the confines of unwieldy, traditional business intelligence models.

The overriding goal of the AIM group is to build approachable digital solutions with demonstrable long-term value to client executives. With this focus on the future, Trianz’ talented professionals continue to give new life to data assets, developing data analytics processes that offer client enterprises a much better perspective of their business. Enlightened stakeholders then envision and cultivate a more mature digital enterprise with results-oriented strategies to gain insights from social media, machine logs, sensors, and other Big Data sources. Nash asserts that the company’s advances in Data Monetization, Competitive Intelligence, and Predictive Analytics, for instance, are propelled by evolving client demand. Consequently, they are designed to help businesses achieve meaningful insights and ROI gains more quickly while allowing for greater autonomy among individual business units. Nash comments on this by saying, “Our Data Analytics Practice offers clients measurable opportunities to change, grow, and succeed. By embracing these innovations in data science, Trianz continues to carve out a leading role in advancing more proactive strategies that solve specific challenges and drive client businesses forward.”

The Bedrock for Crunching Numbers: Building Better Digital Frameworks

Trianz has built its reputation on the understanding that the more data you gather, better the quality of the solution you produce. This means housing large volumes of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data. For clients in search of a much better understanding of their markets for future success – combining the proliferation of all relevant sources of data with new technologies and tools to manage, store, and access this data, Trianz is the answer. The company’s Big Data experts manage all types of new and traditional data within their field-tested Big Data Framework.

As a Managed Solutions Partner for the heavy hitters in cloud-based SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS architectures, including AWS and Microsoft Azure, Trianz’ digital frameworks help clients by:

  • Facilitating innovation for new capabilities and creating a rapid-release pipeline for moving ideas from inception to production
  • Building a more customer-focused enterprise, aligning business products, services, and touchpoints around customer requirements
  • Leveraging data and data analytics tools to most effectively address these requirements through better decision-making capability

These cloud frameworks have been deployed at many leading organizations, helping them realize the business benefits of using Big Data to address the complete picture – processes, people, and technologies.

Trianz: The Yoda of Data Analytics

Trianz Helps clients pivot to analytics in the cloud. The company stresses that migrating to cloud infrastructure will give them the opportunity to design efficient operations from the ground up. It helps its clients gain the ability to offer innovative options to their customers at lower costs.

The firm enables the convergence of Cloud, Analytics, and Big Data platforms to give an enterprise many opportunities to seamlessly and cost-effectively view and evaluate itself at the enterprise level without silos, inaccuracies, or delays. By running analytics in a cloud environment, an enterprise can rapidly set up, pilot, test, and evaluate use cases before launching production systems. Further, CXOs and LOB managers will have access to real-time, actionable insight based on accurate, up-to-date data.

One example of Trianz’ commitment to bringing meaningful change to its client organizations is in the Predictive Analytics space. For most consulting groups, Predictive Analytics comprises a static, structured methodology that takes a set of historic data points—defensible extrapolations based on what you already know—to predict future outcomes. Nash’s team elevates this traditional predictive model to craft a best-in-class solution, integrating additional, relevant current variables with data that goes far beyond mere historical context. In its goal-oriented pursuit of a better future, Trianz integrates all kinds of data to show a business how to ultimately change past results into long-term success.

Data Science: The Trump Card for Goal-Oriented Business Operations

Trianz believes data science can prove to be the next giant leap in the evolution of business intelligence to convert data into information and knowledge. Integrating large volumes of data with advanced analytics techniques, modern computer technology, and domain expertise within specific business sectors, Trianz’ data analytics service offering springs from its clients’ growing demand to look inside the crystal ball of Big Data to predict the future of their enterprise.

As a leading principal in business intelligence consulting for over 25 years, Nash is a highly respected thought leader in the space, guiding the significant role Trianz’ data scientists play in the development, implementation, and execution of business intelligence methodologies, Master Data Management strategies, and complex data warehousing solutions. Since his team bears responsibility for integrating Big Data analytics architectures with these data warehousing solutions through the cloud, Nash stresses that the design and development of business intelligence and data warehouse applications are multifaceted endeavors, with many moving parts.

As of today Nash’s team is firmly establishing Trianz’ expertise in goal-oriented components to successfully run a business (planning, account management, project direction, and project management). Tying data science to accessible, transparent metrics gives clients the tools to manage expectations more effectively, with longer-term planning in mind relating to MDM, CRM, e-commerce, and leveraged ERP systems.

The firm’s AIM team works with enterprises every step of the way to migrate these processes to the cloud so internal organizations can reap the benefits of timely, on-target analytics as quickly as possible. As an example, a business may want to understand why it’s losing ground to the competition, or predict future earnings based on a number of converging factors: past performance, current and forecast economic conditions, social media sentiment, website activity, and customer churn rates among others. What sets Trianz’ data science and analytics team apart from pure statisticians is computer programming expertise that can help businesses manage large data sets on the cloud platform and emphasis on integrating evidence-based, business domain research and knowledge into its data models.

Trianz: Where Professional Principles Meet Outstanding Client Service

Trianz’ AIM consulting teams possess a wide range of experience in many industries—Technology, Media, Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Logistics, and the public sector. Trianz also recruits consultant professionals with subject matter expertise in these diverse markets—they help global teams understand the unique characteristics of these industries specifically relating to operations, product/sales metrics, and reporting and compliance regulations, to name a few. Trianz’ ability to provide on-demand computing capabilities through managed services platforms—with security, storage, analytics and other IT infrastructure services pertaining to these unique business needs kick starts forward momentum.

Trianz possesses a 16-plus-year track record of over 2,500 successful client partnerships and engagements so far. Although the firm has grown exponentially from its first office in Silicon Valley, Trianz still maintains a one-firm culture, adhering to a common set of professional principles, client service standards, and global values.

Trianz recognizes the importance of client satisfaction and appreciates the regard and trust clients continue to place in the firm. In addition to expanding its in-house data analytics enterprise, Trianz’ future plans include strategically expanding its global presence to serve customers in emerging markets. Current office locations include Silicon Valley, Washington DC Metro, Rosemont, Chicago, Austin, Boston, Denver, Raleigh, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Dubai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Forbes magazine, in association with Statista, recently named Trianz among ‘America’s Best Management Consulting Firms 2018.’ Trianz was also honored with the ‘Customer Obsession Award’ from Amazon Web Services for its innovation and execution record in cloud infrastructure and business applications strategy and services. Trianz views its calling as being that one entity that helps organizations achieve essential sales and operational control over their destiny by simplifying digital evolution for them.


Clients Rave About Trianz

“Our collaboration with Trianz has been exceptional with conspicuous benefits. The platform now effectively manages customer reference data, while addressing data accuracy and quality issues.”

- CTO, Large insurance company

“Our partnership with Trianz has proved to be an astute decision. From designing and developing a solution to migrate volumes of historical data to creating an auditable, unified, scalable platform, Trianz has consistently demonstrated in-depth knowledge and expertise.”

- Director of Information & Data Management, Large Property and Casualty Insurance Company in the US

The Analytics Doyen

Todd Nash, Vice President, Analytics Practice: A leading Principal in Trianz’ Analytics practice, Nash’s career comprises noteworthy expertise in all of the components—planning, account management, project direction, project management—that are related to MDM, CRM, e-commerce and leveraged ERP systems, among others.

Nash is also a recognized leader among his peers in business management and operations, most recently in helping guide CBIG Consulting’s business strategy and growth. Along with his 25+ years of consulting experience driving customer value, he has managed both global as well as domestic Business Intelligence practices.

Nash is highly experienced in the development, implementation, and execution of Business Intelligence methodologies, Master Data Management strategies and complex Data Warehousing solutions. His role involves integrating Big Data analytics architectures with data warehousing solutions and Cloud services.

“Trianz’ digital evolution philosophy and value proposition can be summed in three simple phrases - Business Impact Created, Predictability in Execution and Unique Client Experiences.”