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With ObserveIT, Reduce Your Risk and Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

thesiliconreview-michael-mckee-ceo-observeit-2018Your biggest asset is also your biggest risk. Whether it is trusted third parties, privileged users, or business users, insiders present a massive risk to organizations because they have been given access to critical applications, systems, and data to do their jobs.

With more than 1,700 customers in 87 countries and across a wide range of industries, ObserveIT is the only insider threat management solution that empowers security teams to detect insider threats, streamline the investigation process, and prevent data exfiltration.

Its lightweight endpoint solution helps organizations—particularly large enterprises—identify and eliminate insider threats. ObserveIT provides detection and prevention to enable proactive defense against both malicious and negligent user behavior from employees, privileged users, and third parties.

With ObserveIT, organizations can significantly reduce the risk of security incidents by monitoring user behavior and offering real-time education and deterrence. ObserveIT cuts investigation time from days to minutes and offers full playback of security incidents to improve response times and simplify compliance.

Product Overview: Insider Threat Detection, Prevention & Management

Enable your organization to uncover risky user behavior in real-time, investigate incidents, and prevent data exfiltration with ObserveIT. 90% of security problems are caused by people. Insider threat detection and prevention need to be a priority, regardless of industry. ObserveIT can help your organization stop insider threats in their tracks and prevent future risk.

Insider Threat Detection

Uncover risky user activity by identifying anomalous behavior in real time.

Insider Threat Rules

  • Rely on hundreds of carefully calibrated, out-of-the-box Insider Threat Rules
  • Gain insight into 25 risk categories (all customizable by user group)
  • Categorize website visits and enable alerts based on risky activity

Insider Threat Analytics & Reporting

  • Enhance endpoint security operations and regulatory compliance with detailed reports
  • Investigate and view information about any user’s activities

Secure Key-Logging

  • Detect inappropriate activity in real time
  • Trigger alerts  on sensitive keywords and commands typed
  • Detect data exfiltration attempts when users type protected keywords

Insider Threat Incident Investigation

Investigate risky user activity in minutes—not days. Gain a comprehensive, 360-degree view into user behavior. User Session Recording:

  • Record user sessions for visual  playback of exactly  what happened, when, where, and why
  • Rich, user-centric metadata provides the full context of any user session
  • Precise activity trails show every user action
  • Receive easy-to-understand alerts based on user activity
  • Easily search through captured sessions and get a breakdown of each user session

Insider Threat Prevention

Reduce risk with real-time user notifications and blocking. Directly enforce company security policy—automatically and in real time—to promote security awareness and improve insider threat prevention.

Privileged User Activity Monitoring & Auditing

Precise visibility helps security account for all user activity and is crucial for root cause analysis, regulatory compliance audit reporting, and proactive user monitoring on high-risk users.


ObserveIT helps organizations meet appropriate compliance requirements across a range of frameworks, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and FERPA.

User Privacy Protection

Anonymize user data to protect employee and contractor privacy, meet regulations, and maintain trust with your users. Anonymization Mode:

  • Encrypt and obfuscate all personal user information
  • In anonymization mode, information remains hidden unless specifically 
    requested and approved by an authorized administrator
  • Meet stringent privacy laws, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation

Case Study

Third Party Monitoring

Vendors, contractors, and partners can help support your business and create a strategic advantage. Yet, giving third parties access to confidential data and key systems drastically increases the risk of costly data breaches that impact your organization’s reputation.

Their Challenge: As a large telecommunications provider, it’s vital to know which of the organization’s privileged users and remote vendors are doing what at all times, both to guarantee security and to meet compliance. With thousands of sessions to track, this can quickly become a major headache.

ObserveIT’s Solution: ObserveIT provides enterprise-ready third-party monitoring, so organizations have detailed user metadata at their fingertips and can understand who did what, when, and why—including tracking the actions of third party vendors.

The Result: With more visibility and clearer answers to “what happened?” they have dramatically decreased insider threat risk from vendors and other third parties. The organization is also able to satisfy compliance audit requirements, decreasing time and resources spent on tedious tasks.

Meet & Exceed Compliance Requirements

Meeting compliance framework and law requirements is a complex and difficult task, but failing to do so can be incredibly costly and damaging to an organizations’ reputation.

Continuous user monitoring and real-time incident investigation help your organization meet stringent compliance requirements and ensure sensitive data stays where it belongs – within the organization.

Their Challenge: To meet compliance requirements, this large bank needed to monitor hundreds of IT users who are able to access and modify any critical banking application. They needed to comply with FDIC audits to operate legally.

ObserveIT’s Solution: ObserveIT’s detailed logs and visual capture of user session data exceed even the strictest interpretation of compliance requirements. With ObserveIT, this financial services organization is able to trace every compliance violation back to a single user.

The Result: With increased visibility into the activities of privileged IT users, this financial organization was able to comply with FDIC audit requirements and conduct audits five times faster than before.

Meet the Chief

Michael McKee, CEO & Director: Mike brings 20+ years of cross-functional, global experience in technology to ObserveIT.

Previously, Mike led the award-winning Global Services and Customer Success organizations at Rapid7 served as Senior Vice President CAD Operations and Strategy at PTC, and Chief Financial Officer at Additionally, he held Analyst roles at Broadview Associates, McKinsey & Company, and Goldman Sachs. Mike played professional hockey as a defenseman for the Quebec Nordiques. He graduated cum laude from Princeton University and received an M.B.A., with honors, from Harvard Business School.

“We are laser-focused on helping our customers identify and eliminate insider threats.”