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Replace outdated paper intensive applications and optimize your workflow with PerfectForms

‘Create any type of online form or workflow application, without writing a single line of code.’ PerfectForms is a web-based application development platform that enables both IT profes [....]

Where Neuroscience meets Data Science: Saffron Technologies

Saffron’s patented technology mimics our natural ability to learn, remember and reason in real-time.’ Saffron Technology Inc. is an Intel company that combines the methods of the human [....]

A Complete, End-To-End Data Integration Tool Set: Unifi Software

“A software platform that makes the entire data preparation process a no-hassle no-brainer.” Unifi provides a comprehensive suite of self-service data integration tools to empower busin [....]

Your future depends on your dreams, so go to bed: Leesa Sleep, LLC

Like so many people, the entrepreneurs behind Leesa had trouble sleeping. We bought beds offering all sorts of benefits, from coils to memory foam – nothing worked. What’s more, the expe [....]

The only solution bringing all casino operations together: Casino Cash Trac

CIOs, CFOs and casino executives face difficult decisions about the products they purchase throughout the gaming enterprise. These products consistently have limited reporting and are built on a var [....]

SoyHuce imagine and shape each project to make it an experience

A veritable factory of innovative solutions.’ SoyHuCe is a a new generation tech studio based in France that houses a R & D studio in algorithmics and data science. It is also a software [....]

Harnessing the Power of Real-Time Sales Floor Data to Drive Customer Experience: LNL Systems

‘Delivering the most comprehensive portfolio of smart devices, platform integration and analytics that retailers use to profit from the Internet of Things.’ LNL Systems is a leading pro [....]

Run the business of your dreams with POS on Cloud

Affordable, cloud based point of sale system for small business merchants.’ POS (Point of Sale) on Cloud is a cloud-based point of sale system for small business merchants to process their me [....]

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