Wipro snaps up Appirio cloud services for $500 million; acquisition expected to be completed in December


Wipro has acquired Appirio, a US-based company which helps organisations migrate software applications to the cloud, for $500 million (Rs 3,325 crore), continuing a streak of acquisitions by the Indian IT company spending over $1.1 billion so far this year. Appirio is based in Indianapolis and counts Salesforce, General Atlantic Partners and Sequoia as investors. This is

Google is turning Maps into a social platform


Google will shut down photo-sharing site Panoramio as it focuses on building out features in Google Maps. Panoramio allows users to upload and share their photos by location on Google Maps and Google Earth. However, Google would like users to upload their photos using its inbuilt tool instead. The announcement is just the latest effort

Google Trips is a must-have travel app for the modern tourist


Google recently announced a new free app Trips, available on Android andiOS that serves as a trip planner and travel guide for anyone who is exploring a new place. It will organize your plane tickets and hotel reservations, offer editorial guides to more than 200 cities, and make personalized recommendations based on your Google history. Best of

Windows 10’s next 2 updates to debut in March


Microsoft is planning to release at least two updates for Windows 10 next year. The first one, codenamed Redstone 2, is likely to be rolled out in March. This effectively means that the Windows 10 Anniversary update (Redstone 1) will be the last update for Microsoft’s latest operating system. Microsoft has only recently started rolling

Note 7 recall to cost Samsung around $3 billion


Samsung’s recall of the Galaxy Note 7 will cost the company $3 billion over the next two fiscal quarters, the company has said in a statement. Since the device’s launch in August, it has been plagued with problems of overheating and exploding, forcing Samsung to recall millions of devices and issue customers with replacement Note

Google rolls out Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for mobile search results in India


Google recently announced the roll-out of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for mobile search results in India. Google will label sites with AMP versions of their pages with a small icon. This feature does not affect search results, but will show users which sites have pages ready to load. Slow loading sites are arguably one of

Akamai Finds 2 Million Devices Have Longtime Security Flaws


New research from the content delivery network Akamai takes a closer look at how hackers are abusing weaknesses in a cryptographic protocol to commandeer millions of ordinary connected devices—routers, cable modems, satellite TV equipment, and DVRs—and then coordinate them to mount attacks. After analyzing IP address data from its Cloud Security Intelligence platform, Akamai estimates

Digital Marketing gets a new entrant; Veoo launches all new Mobile Wallet Solution


Veoo, a leading provider of mobile messaging solutions, has recently announced the launch of its new Mobile Wallet solution. The Veoo Mobile Wallet solution harnesses Apple Wallet and Android Pay app functionality, already available to nearly 100% of smartphone users, to change how brands and retailers engage with their mobile customers. The Mobile Wallet offers

The rise of programmatic buying of Digital Ads


67% of all digital ads are now being bought programmatically. According to projections from eMarketer, programmatically purchased ads are on an adolescent-style growth spurt. They’re escalating from half of all dollars spent on digital ads last year to two thirds this year and are on a track to nearly three quarters next year. In dollars,

The overall quality of Digital Advertising is on the boost


With the commencement of more online ads in –view, also a makeable downfall in fraud rates and risks of brand safety also both at their lowest level in Q1 2016 than in the previous four quarters of 2015. A significant improvement has been noticed in the Digital advertising quality as compared to last year. The