Now Snapchat turns funny and interesting with the stickers


Snapchat just launched an update that lets users decorate their Snaps with the 200+ stickers they released as part of Chat 2.0. The new feature works exactly like emojis, they even live inside the same button on the camera screen. Just like the emoji feature you can drag, resize and reposition any sticker on your

Now developers can build nativelike mobile systems with Google’s Polymer App Toolbox


Google is offering Polymer App Toolbox for building nativelike mobile Web apps with the company’s Polymer library. In the toolbox, developers get a set of loosely coupled components and tools to build a Progressive Web Application using the “modern platform,” Google said. “The toolbox is just a set of components and tools based around Web

Facebook Live adds Puppycam as an update, with new nonstop streaming feature


Facebook is pushing out a few updates to its live video platform, including a new feature that lets broadcasters maintain continuous streams. This opens up all sorts of possibilities for fixed camera setups and multi-hour videos, as the previous length limit was just 90 minutes. The company says it’s already seeing interesting use cases, like

SoftBank Deploys Developer Portal and Android SDK to Support it’s Robot Platform


A new developer portal and Android SDK (software developer kit) for SoftBank’s robot apps are aimed at convincing developers to build apps for the Pepper humanoid robot. Although the platform was first announced two years ago, the decision to open it up to Android apps should help greatly expand the base of app developers working

Google’s New App “Allo” Follows same encryption tech that secures WhatsApp


Recently at the I/O conference, Google announced a new chat app called Allo, complete with an “incognito” mode that boasts full end-to-end encryption. But the technology powering that encryption is more familiar than many Google fans may realize. After the new app was announced, Open Whisper Systems revealed in a blog post that the company

New study shows benefits of internet-based therapy in overcoming childbirth fear


Women expecting their first child but who are experiencing severe fear of childbirth (FOC) stand to dramatically benefit in reducing their anxieties with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) delivered via the internet, according to the results of new research. FOC can have a devastating impact on a nulliparous woman’s life, disrupting her work and home routines

Volotea choose Ideagen’s Q-Pulse software to enhance aviation safety management


Aviation safety management specialists, Ideagen is to provide Volotea, the airline of mid and small-sized European cities, with its safety management software, Q-Pulse. Volotea will implement the new suite of Q-Pulseto remove a series of silo systems which require excessive manual input for safety and operational data collation. At the same, Q-Pulsewill simplify compliance efforts

The UK’s Mobile Banking Tightrope: 98% of British Consumers are Happy with their Mobile Banking Service


But Nearly 1 in 3 Would Consider Changing Banks After a Bad Mobile Experience  A consumer survey conducted by leading mobile commerce analyst firm Juniper Research has found near universal satisfaction amongst UK mobile banking users, with 98% of those surveyed stating that they were “very happy” or “quite happy” with their service. However, the survey

Microchip celebrates continued growth and expansion of award-winning line of development tools


Microchip has shipped two millionth development tool Microchip Technology Inc., a leading provider of microcontroller, mixed-signal, analog and Flash-IP solutions, has announced that the company has shipped its two millionth development tool. Microchip’s line of development tools has continued to grow and expand, including the free and award-winning MPLAB® X Integrated Development Environment (IDE), free and optimising MPLAB

SAP’s all new app ‘RealSpend’ offers relief to line managers to keep track of their budgets


A new app from SAP has been designed to change the stereotype working pattern. Often it is not easy for line-of-business managers to get a real-time view of their budgets and spending, but this all new SAP app aims to change that. Named as SAP RealSpend, the app lets managers drill down and perform a