Pop Singer to Business Owner: ...


Pop Singer to Business Owner: Rihanna’s Inspiring Fenty Beauty Story

Pop Singer to Business Owner: Rihanna’s Inspiring Fenty Beauty Story
The Silicon Review
30 June, 2022

At just 31 years old, Robyn Rihanna Fenty – known simply as Rihanna – is among the most influential women in the world.

Since 2005, Rihanna has had a flourishing career as a singer, but in recent times, her influence has expanded into the business domain. Her makeup company, Fenty Beauty, has taken the entire world by storm. Praised for its high-quality products and inclusive shade range, the Fenty Beauty line has impressive origins and an even more promising future.

Fenty Beauty was launched in September 2017, focusing on inclusivity, self-expression, and, most importantly, telling the world that makeup is a form of expression that resonated with people worldwide. Fenty Beauty's wide shade range makes it the most exclusive brand in today's time. As a woman of color in the entertainment industry, Rihanna knew firsthand that the fashion industry doesn't offer enough shades for women of color. To nullify this, Fenty Beauty came with 40 shades of foundation; this number eventually expanded to 50, focusing on a wide range of traditionally hard-to-match skin tones, developing formulas that work for all skin types, and pinpointing universal shades. This incredible variety of shades is much more diverse than what most makeup companies carry, and it made the statement that all women of any color deserve representation.

Rihanna's vision, above all, is to inspire: "Makeup is there for you to have fun with. It should never feel like pressure. It should never feel like a uniform. Feel free to take chances, and take risks, and dare to do something new or different."