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Innovator of the Month

Innovator of the Month
The Silicon Review
19 July, 2022

Formidable leader and an IT expert, Arun Nagpal is leading the sector from the front

Arun Nagpal is a world-class DevOps Engineer with over 22 years of experience in the field. Arun was born in Delhi, India. He received his associate degree in computer engineering, and master’s in computer science from Madurai Kamaraj University in Madurai, India. Arun found passion in the field and further obtained various technical certifications, including Microsoft – MCSE, Cisco – CCNA, Sun Microsystems- SCSA1/2, Netapp Storages- ONTAP, IBM – AIX, Google- Widevine, Prince 2 Practitioner, ITIL, AWS CSA, and AWS SYSOPS. Arun has built his career and reputation by helping to build the tools and culture of reputable companies that heavily rely on software development.

Contribution towards the success of several MNCs: A brief overview

Our evaluation team selected Arun Nagpal as the winner of the Innovator of the Month award in part because of his accomplishments in exemplifying transformational excellence in the information technology industry, evidenced by his work with the following organizations:

Fidelity Investments: Mr. Nagpal played a critical and leading role while holding the position of Principal DevOps Consultant at Fidelity Investments. During his time at Fidelity, Mr. Nagpal took a leading role as leader of the development and operations of Fidelity application stacks. He designed & developed CI/CD pipelines for their critical initiatives and projects, which allowed Fidelity to safely deploy information at a new, more efficient online platform. His contribution and fast pace allowed Fidelity to onboard new innovative ideas in Cloud using limited resources, which lead to millions of dollars in savings.

Symantec Enterprise: At Broadcom/Symantec, Mr. Nagpal worked in a leading role as a DevOps Engineer where he managed Broadcom’s Threat Pulse Network. While there, Mr. Nagpal managed multiple projects with various priority levels and worked closely with other teams. Additionally, he played a crucial role for the company’s operations by automating deployments, creating major pipelines, and developing reproducible builds of software applications using Kubernetes. His efforts allowed Broadcom/Symantec to maintain, secure, and improve network systems within the company on a massive scale. Arun’s innovative ideas personally helped Broadcom to leverage their legacy environments to microservices using simple design with high availability.

Sling TV: While at Sling TV, Mr. Nagpal led and mentored system administrators as the Lead Cloud Architect. Mr. Nagpal played a critical role in establishing cloud services at Sling TV by creating advertisement delivery services in the cloud. Perhaps one of Mr. Nagpal’s greatest career accomplishments are found in his efforts help Sling TV innovate their business model by producing their own ad-delivery service. This was the very first time any over-the-top media services (OTT) platform provided its own advertisement delivery service via the cloud. This resulted in the creation of additional revenue streams for Sling TV and lead to industry change at large with other OOT platforms producing similar models. Again, Mr. Nagpal was directly responsible for creating and implementing the advertisement delivery services. Moreover, Mr. Nagpal played a critical role in Sling TV’s first attempt to redesign its Data Center and start a new footprint in the cloud. He was recognized as the Sling-Shot award in only the second month of the AWS Cloud Administration program, competing amongst hundreds of employees company wide.

Cadence Design Systems: Mr. Nagpal has undoubtedly played a critical role in Cadence by producing an original contribution of major significance, namely, creating his original design of the green Data Center in Noida, India. His creation of a new data center design while working for Cadence won the Best Green IT Project Award in 2009. Mr. Nagpal also took a leading role when he worked the Lead Architect position of Cadence’s System Management Team, where he led a team of UNIX/Linux System Management for over 3000 servers in Noida, India.

Tata Consultancy Services: Mr. Nagpal started his work at CMC Limited, an information technology services consulting and software company that the Government of India owned. He continued his work when CMC Limited was merged into TCS. While working at TCS, Mr. Nagpal played a leading role responsible for leading the Center of Excellence – Delhi Region for UNIX/Linux/Solaris allied technologies. Mr. Nagpal also managed multiple projects concerning the transition of UNIX/Linux/Storage/LAMP Tower. Mr. Nagpal provided critical services in designing and implementing the system solutioning and transformation of data centers with prestigious clients, including the European Commission in Luxembourg, iHeart Media in San Antonio, Texas, and Allegan Pharmaceuticals in Dusseldorf, Germany. His expertise and contributions led to hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue for TCS.

Present Plans and Goals

Even after 22 years of working in the industry, Mr. Nagpal still thirsts for more challenges in remains as passionate as ever for innovation. Seeing the prospects for technological development using artificial intelligence and cloud services, among other industry trends, has inspired Mr. Nagpal to seek new opportunities the frontier of innovation at Amazon Web Services (AWS). In fact, AWS has extended an offer of employment to him to work in a crucial role as a Senior Technical Account Manager. Mr. Nagpal sees the sky as the limit and is excited to continue working at the front lines of innovation in software and information technology.