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CyberRisk Alliance launched CyberCept, a powerful intelligence platform for cybersecurity marketers

CyberRisk Alliance CyberCept cybersecurity marketers
The Silicon Review
24 April, 2024

CyberCept was developed to address the challenges faced by cybersecurity marketers in an increasingly complex and fragmented industry

CyberRisk Alliance, a prominent business intelligence platform serving the cybersecurity community, has introduced CyberCept, its unified data and intelligence engine. This platform efficiently captures, compiles, and integrates user and usage data from its opted-in 1st Party users across its entire brand portfolio. With a comprehensive record for each user, CyberRisk Alliance can develop integrated solutions for clients based on prospects' content consumption and behavioral patterns, leading to enhanced intent signals. These refined signals empower cybersecurity marketers to optimize their targeting strategies by engaging potential buyers at critical stages of the purchasing cycle.

Drawing from a vast pool of 2.5 million first-party users, CyberCept provides unique insights into the cybersecurity market landscape. By processing substantial amounts of first-party data and integrating it with third-party data, meaningful buying signals are extracted. These signals enable marketers to identify potential buyers and engage with users and accounts who are exploring or in the early stages of discovery. This facilitates the implementation of funnel-based audience segment strategies, empowering marketers to personalize interactions and connect with key prospects throughout their customer journey effectively. CyberCept offers several key insights to clients, including the ability to create refined targeting strategies, optimize content strategies based on key accounts' behaviors, and design and execute campaigns that intersect prospects within their customer journey. By leveraging deterministic, omni-channel campaigns, cybersecurity marketers can effectively engage buyers based on their unique signals.