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10 Fastest Growing Google Solution Providers 2017

At the Forefront: Resolution Media

thesiliconreview-george-manas-president-resolution-media-17An agency on a mission to optimize business strategy and consumer behavior with tech and innovation.

  • Omnicom’s acquisition of Resolution in 2005 marked the beginning of its hockey stick trajectory. Resolution retains the autonomy to keep the best of what works and what makes it a great agency, while having the backing of a leading global holding company with extensive data and technology resources.

  • The Resolution culture and work environment translates into its performance and creates the consistent growth it’s seen since the company’s founding.

  • The clients and brands Resolution works with directly influence the technology partnerships it’s forged over the years. These clients and brands are very much the influencers of today. They are category leaders across a variety of verticals.

Resolution Media has always striven to visualize the digital road ahead. The agency began in Chicago as a small search company in 2003 when the founders were looking to seize an opportunity to fill the gap in knowledge experts who could manage the automated tools available to make brand campaigns efficient and effective. Almost 15 years later the tactics may have evolved, but Resolution’s philosophy remains the same: remaining at the critical intersection of customer needs and brand’s offerings and tying in the right message at the right time with the right content.

In its early days, the agency invited a market research company to come in and determine the health of its brand and how Resolution was perceived in the marketplace. They found that it had the highest client retention rate amongst other agencies and a lower employee turnover as well as they labeled them the “cool, approachable nerds.”

Now a part of Omnicom Media Group, Resolution Media is a global performance agency with more than 2,500 digital experts in 60 offices worldwide. Resolution retains the autonomy to keep the best of what works and what makes it a great agency, while having the backing of a leading global holding company with extensive data and technology resources. This allows Resolution to provide a unique environment where employees can become certified in a new marketing technology discipline while teaming up with some of the largest brands in the world.

Resolution is no stranger to innovation and growth. Though the first services offered by the agency were search and content marketing (PPC and SEO), Resolution has moved further into targeting data to drive more efficient programs for clients and their brands, keeping up with the fast-paced nature of digital marketing and constantly learning and evolving to keep up with new challenges and opportunities. Their service and solution set centers around consumer behavior and consumption, playing at the intersection of where customers are searching for a product or a solution and where marketers are looking to meet those needs. The agency works with partners such as Google, Snapchat, Bing, Facebook and Pinterest and often executes globally, parallel to the global brands they work with where diverse needs in certain locations spur knowledge sharing and translate into how connected they are and the solutions offered.

There are certainly many challenges facing the industry, but a few years down the line, Resolution plans to still be at the critical intersection of customer needs and brand’s offerings. With its firm focus on connecting brands to their target audiences and connecting customers to brands and services that match what they’re looking for, Resolution is destined to keep growing by leaps and bounds in the coming years.

About the President

George Manas, President: As President, George sets the vision for Resolution Media’s strategy roadmap as well as oversees the design and implementation of the agency’s core and emerging service capabilities. He manages key partnerships across publishers, technologies, and the Omnicom network. Before assuming the role of President, George served as CSO, where he was a key architect for Current@Resolution, Omnicom Media Group’s paid social unit and a recognized Facebook Marketing Partner, among other breakthrough ventures. Earlier in his tenure at Resolution Media, George led Search and Social teams in NYC, providing strategic leadership and executional excellence for several enterprise clients. He holds a graduate degree from Columbia University and received his BA at New York University, where he studied American literature, history and culture.