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10 Fastest Growing Mobility Companies 2018

Quality App Development for Quality Clients: Push Interactions

thesiliconreview-chad-jones-ceo-push-interactions-18“Push is all about creating efficient, well-designed software. People care about their mobile experiences and we want to give them that great experience.”

In today’s society, most of us won’t leave home without our smartphones. From social networking to shopping to sharing important business documents, we put our smartphones and their mobile apps to work every day.

Headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Push Interactions believes that mobile apps are effective brand-strengthening tools, creating and maintaining positive audience engagement all the while gathering powerful data about the way users interact with your brand.

The company goes to great lengths to equip you with an app thoughtfully catered to your quality brand. Using its collaborative development method, Push Interactions works with you to develop a product that is original, feature-rich, and fully functional.

Push Interactions: Quality Apps Is Our Calling

Since the company’s beginnings in 2009 as College Mobile, Push Interactions have collaborated with over 40 companies in a wide range of industries and has developed over 50 transaction-intensive and feature-filled mobile applications. Push Interactions’ clients include Federated Co-operatives Limited, Credit Union Central of Canada, Affinity Credit Union, Carleton University, and itracks.

An award-winning developer of customized smartphone and tablet apps for businesses and organizations, specializing in Apple iOS, Android™, BlackBerry®, and Windows® Phone, Push’s vision is to improve quality of life through quality technology. This is accomplished through the development of transaction-intensive and feature-filled mobile apps that enhance both customer retention and workplace productivity.

Push developers are among the top mobile app developers in Canada and have been sought after by global organizations such as Apple, Google, and Pixar. The company’s developers work hard to produce apps that offer functional, feature-rich solutions and far surpass industry standards.

Push values the community it serves and strives to assist organizations from a variety of backgrounds to develop apps that effectively address their unique needs. Push Interactions is celebrated for its industry-leading native mobile apps, but it can produce the ancillary components for your project, too. Whether you require a server, website, graphic design, or other elements to complete your mobile app, Push’s dedicated team will coordinate all of the moving pieces so you don’t have to.

Whether you’ve been struck by creative genius or you’ve been diligently working away at your company’s latest campaign, Push Interactions will bring your idea to life through the use of native mobile apps.

Unique Features and Services

Locators: Your users found you, so why not return the favor by building an app that can identify where they are, too? An app becomes significantly more engaging and useful when it is able to pinpoint your user’s exact location and tailor data.

Push Notifications: The gentle reminders will keep your users up to speed by letting them know when new data or features are available for them to enjoy.

Offline Access: Whether they’re online or out of service, keep your users engaged by incorporating offline features like data caching or data syncing. When executed correctly, the experience is so seamless that your users won’t even know they’re not connected!

Games: Companion games are great ways to keep your users engaged with your brand. Whether you’d like your app to feature an involved game or a mini-game component, when you push “Play” with Push you’re sure to keep users coming back for more.

Security: The company is proud to offer the technical expertise necessary to pass even the most rigorous of security audits. From boutiques to banks, we make sure to maintain the integrity of your data to keep both you and your users safe and sound.

Voice Recognition: Personalize your app even further by integrating voice recognition capabilities, a feature making big waves in the mobile app industry.

In-app Purchases: Enabling in-app purchasing features will help you to rake in those dollars and cents by providing your users with the opportunity to purchase other valuable features of your mobile app.

Clients Rave About Push Interactions

“Push Interactions expertise in building mobile apps for university and college clients has been a key factor in the success of the Carleton Mobile app. We will not hesitate to continue our collaboration with Push Interactions as we look at new features to incorporate into Carleton Mobile.”

- Suzanne Blanchard, Associate VP, Carleton University

“I couldn’t be happier with my app as well as the quick service in updating the app when iOS updates went out. Highly recommend Push Interactions!”

- Chris Kendall, Lifestyle Coach, The Raw Advantage

“Push Interactions was great to work with. Their experience and creativity helped us get the app we wanted, and their intuitive suggestions and improvements made it better than we could have envisioned on our own.”

- Penny Eaton, Communications & Industry Relations Manager, Farm and Food Care

Greet the Leader

Chad Jones, Founder, and CEO: Chad is a former Apple Engineer who played an essential role in the development of Apple’s Mac OS X operating system. His time in Silicon Valley inspired him to leave his post and return home to Saskatchewan to tap into the budding realm of mobile technology and the province’s high caliber developers. Upon his return, Chad taught Canada’s first university-accredited iPhone programming course at the University of Saskatchewan.

Chad holds a B.Sc in Computer Science and B.Eng in Electrical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan. He and his team developed iUsask, Canada’s first iPhone application for university students. In 2009, Chad founded CollegeMobile (now Push Interactions) to respond to this surge in demand. He has been at its helm ever since. Chad is passionate about providing his clients highly functional, quality mobile apps that push the boundaries of innovation and technology.

“With our feature-rich native mobile apps, we interact with you to develop products that interact with your market.”