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Readers Speak

”The Silicon Review has provided us with an increase in brand visibility through its well written articles, awards and recognition of Omni-ID as a “Top” company in several categories. It has also proven to be a terrific informational resource!“

~Tracy Gay
VP Marketing, OMNI ID

”The Silicon Review’s recognition of our achievements in the mobile security software industry have been instrumental for increasing our brand’s footprint with the Fortune 1000. We are pleased with the results we have seen since partnering with this publication.“

~Jonas Gyllensvaan
President & CEO, SyncDog, Inc.

”Having SnoopWall, Inc. receive a Top 20 award from The Silicon Review is an extreme honor for us. We’re really thrilled with the results and their review and quality of their publication.“

~Gary Miliefsky
CEO, SnoopWall

”Silicon Review is a premier magazine for information on the bleeding edge companies that are changing the way we do business every day. They bring to the world facts about fast growing tech companies and support the tech revolution.“

~Sunny Dronawat
Managing Member, POS on Cloud

”Silicon Review provides insight and understanding regarding leading technologies and offerings in the market. We continue to look forward to seeing articles and announcements which help us keep abreast of the innovation and change initiatives within our focused markets.“

~Jeff Goins
CEO, Adaptive

”The Silicon Review is one of our primary “go to” resources for industry news and happenings. And we’re not alone in that thought. So it only makes sense to not only be a reader but also an advertiser and it’s worked out well. The staff at The Silicon Review are extremely professional and accommodating. We’re very pleased.“

~Scott Terry
President, Rapid Progress Marketing and Modeling

”The Silicon Review team observe and assimilate our diverse technical world and then present great digests of the facts and salient points for time-poor readers to quickly understand.“

~Paul Groom
Chief Operating Officer, Kognitio

”It was a pleasure working with The Silicon Review. They do a great job connecting thought leaders with key practitioners in the industry. Keep up the great work!“

~Lee Blackstone
Founder & CEO, Blackstone + Cullen

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