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Readers Speak

”During our engagement with Silicon Review team, I am very impressed with their information gathering skills & efforts in ensuring that quality & the facts are accurately listed. From that experience with them, iZND Group is proud to acknowledge & reference the Recognition given by Silicon Review because we are very confident on the way the industries are analyzed & how the shortlisting for organizations are carefully picked according to the highest standards &criterias defined for it's respective Award Categories. Great Job done & Keep it up!!“

~Isaac Andy
Founder & CEO, iZND Services

”Silicon Review’s acknowledgement of Tegile's accomplishments in data storage has been a great boost for our brand and channel partners. Many thanks for the recognition in your publication!“

~Rob Commins
VPCorporate Marketing, Tegile Systems

”While demonstrating a well-organized and clear process; Silicon Review works closely with honorees to ensure the best submission result possible.“

~William Scogin
Founder and CEO, TWINTEL Solutions

”I feel very encouraged to see The Silicon Review recognize the importance of high tech manufacturing in North America. Electricity is the currency of the future and Analytic Systems is proud of the part they play in managing this valuable resource.“

~James Hargrove
CEO, Analytic Systems

”Silicon Review is a platform to better source information and opportunities. I am impressed by the expertise, domain knowledge and consistent support provided by them. It helps us to keep pace with innovation and change initiatives within our focused markets thereby linking various digital assets and ecosystems in an adaptive, fast, and smart way.“

~Raj Kosaraju
Chief Information Officer, Maxil Technology Solutions

”The Silicon Review has provided us with an increase in brand visibility through its well written articles, awards and recognition of Omni-ID as a “Top” company in several categories. It has also proven to be a terrific informational resource!“

~Tracy Gay
VP Marketing, OMNI ID

”The Silicon Review’s recognition of our achievements in the mobile security software industry have been instrumental for increasing our brand’s footprint with the Fortune 1000. We are pleased with the results we have seen since partnering with this publication.“

~Jonas Gyllensvaan
President & CEO, SyncDog, Inc.

”Having SnoopWall, Inc. receive a Top 20 award from The Silicon Review is an extreme honor for us. We’re really thrilled with the results and their review and quality of their publication.“

~Gary Miliefsky
CEO, SnoopWall

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