20 Fastest Growing Security Companies

BAI Security – a pure-play security auditing and compliance firm

Cyber crimes are rampant today and have given rise to number of other related illegal activities. Be it an individual or business, we all are at risk at any point of time about which we may not have any idea. Chosen as one of the “20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Companies of 2014” by CIO Review, BAI Security offers customized security auditing and compliance that your business may be of dire need now. BAI had differentiated it from others by not being a multi-consulting firm like any IT servicing company claims itself to be. And this allows BAI to be the best in the industry. It defines itself as a “pure-play security auditing and compliance firm”. Its dedication to provide clients more than what they expect has set it a step ahead than its competitors.

BAI security was established in 1996 with headquarters in Hoffman Estates, United States. It mainly dispatches it services to banking and finance, insurance, healthcare, credit unions, utility, and other key sectors. It has other branch offices in New York, Texas and California. If you are a client of BAI security, your account is permanently assigned primary and secondary contacts from everything to account management to security and/or compliance specialists throughout your relationship with BAI. So whenever any client would call up BAI Security, they consistently speak with people they already know and who know their environment.

BAI Security boasts of its successful long-term relationships that they develop with their clients and clients too are very much satisfied with the type of service and customer relationship that BAI has maintained throughout.

BAI aims to cater to all organization irrespective of its size and ensures that they have access to the top audit and compliance services yet reducing the capital costs.

Clients’ speak:
• “BAI has been a pleasure to work with. They demonstrate strong expertise in the areas of network security and compliance, and are able to articulate the business impact of technology security issues, particularly in the Financial and Healthcare verticals. I would not hesitate to recommend Michael or BAI Security as a professional and reputable person and organization”

• “Working with Michael and BAI Security has been a very positive experience. The value that Michael and BAI bring to the Security Audit process is far greater than anyone else I have worked with in the past. Michael works very hard to ensure that the client’s requirements are met with the highest degree of professionalism and service. I would most certainly recommend BAI and Michael to anyone that is looking for Network Security enhancements and monitoring.”

Service Offerings:
• IT Security Assessments
• Breach Risk Assessment
• Compromise Assessment
• Proactive Compromise Detection
• Security Awareness Training
• Controls Audits & Risk Assessments