June Special Edition 2022

Cosmic Solar, Inc. – Providing Customers with the State-of-the-Art Solar Technology, and Unconditional Guarantee for Complete Customer Satisfaction


It’s time we think about our mother earth and switch to the non-conventional sources of energy such as solar energy, the energy received from the Sun – Free of Cost! Solar power is renewable, non-polluting and leaves no Greenhouse gas and emissions. The energy output of a 1 KW solar energy unit is roughly equivalent to the burning of 170 pounds of coal and 300 pounds of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. Therefore, solar power is the future.

Cosmic Solar, Inc. is one such company that provides Solar Energy solutions to homes and businesses across Southern California. They hold a C-10 Electrical License and a C-46 Solar license from the State of California's Licensing Board. The company has assembled the most experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable teams of professionals to provide you with the highest quality materials and services available. They offer a complete line of solar services that will make your transition to clean, reliable, and inexhaustible Solar Energy effortless and rewarding.

Providing Best-in-Class Solar Power Solutions

Residential & Commercial Solar Energy: Cosmic Solar, Inc. provides Solar Energy Solutions to Homes and Businesses across Southern California. They have assembled one of the most experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable teams of professionals to provide their customers with the highest quality of materials and services available. From start to finish, the Cosmic Solar team has decades of experiencing designing and installing the perfect solar energy system for your home. They will assist you and communicate every step along the way to make sure you are comfortable and educated in every decision.

Solar Energy Storage & Batteries: Cosmic Solar & Roofing is your source for reliable service.  The company has an experienced, dedicated team ready to come out and assess your solar power needs so you can start saving money on your next electrical bill.  They will use the highest quality materials available to give you the best solar system set up possible. With a stand-alone solar energy storage system, solar panels charge the back-up batteries, creating a source for stored energy when you need it. The solar system is connected to your house for load shifting during peak energy hours or when SDGE starts shutting down the grid during the fire season. You can upgrade your existing solar system with solar energy storage and back-up batteries or install a stand-alone energy source using Tesla Powerwall 2 or LG Chem batteries. The integrated SunPower Equinox® System with SunVault™ Storage solution works hard to maximize your solar use, collecting excess energy in the daytime and distributing it as needed to power essential devices during an outage, reduce your reliance on grid electricity, and reduce peak-time charges.

Energy Efficient Roofing: Cosmic Solar, Inc. provides roofing solutions to homes and businesses across Southern California. The team of C-39 licensed roofing professionals has many years of experience in all types of roofing, from shingle to tile, commercial torch down, and TPO. Every roof style is unique, but they have trained experts to tackle the various challenges. As trained roofing professionals, they inspect the condition of your roof. They check for leaks, proper flashing, and signs of water damage, deterioration, loose seams, and rust.  The company also looks at framing and evaluates loads to determine if your existing frame can support a specific style of roofing. If you are having solar installed, they will inspect the roof to ensure it is structurally sound. A roof inspection allows them to identify and address any potential problems prior to installation.

Bahram Shadzi | Founder and President

Bahram has a Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering & Material Science from the University of Minnesota. His M.S. degree thesis dealt with the handling and treatment of radioactive waste from nuclear power plants. He spent many years as a process development engineer in computer disk manufacturing, semiconductors and manufacturing of flat panel displays. During his engineering career, he was also involved in the development of systems to treat and eliminate hazardous waste from these industries. He was also a champion of other environmental causes, advocating ways to lower greenhouse gases and to help eliminate ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) from manufacturing processes, just to name a few. He is the author of four U.S. patents.

Over 18 years ago, Bahram decided to enter the field of high efficiency home remodeling. He obtained his general contracting license from the State of California along with a C-10 electrical license, a C-46 solar license, and most recently his C-39 Roofing license. Bahram is a passionate advocate and champion for alternative sources of energy, especially renewable solar energy. During the past several years, Bahram has been designing photovoltaic (PV) solar systems and enjoying every minute of it. He has dedicated the rest of his life to the cause of solar energy.

"We offer a complete line of solar, energy storage, and roofing services that will make your transition to clean, reliable, and inexhaustible energy effortless and seamless."