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ENTOUCH – Creating a path to a healthier planet by delivering sustainability solutions that reduce energy usage and drive profitability


Increasing its appeal, is the fact that ‘As-a-Service’ solutions leverage a variety technologies from the cloud and analytics to infrastructure and sensors, and brings them together in a framework that enables granular insight across the enterprise to drive efficiencies and better business outcomes. When combined with the industrial internet, Energy-as-a-Service gives companies the ability to have real-time insight into their energy use and implement consumption-reducing behaviors that will help the enterprise continuously improve energy management over time with new sensors and software to meet changing needs.

ENTOUCH is a pioneer in energy management as a service and smart building technology. The company’s turnkey solution optimizes operations while reducing energy usage to drive profitability for multi-site businesses. ENTOUCH is the only provider that owns its entire technology stack and can take over heterogeneous systems and manage them from a single cloud solution. It leads the industry in speed and quality of deployment, and the ENTOUCH.360 service has earned a 100% renewal rate. The firm assembles experts from an array of technology disciplines to create robust, turnkey energy management solutions for multisite enterprises.

Sustainable energy management products and services offered by ENTOUCH It is a fit for purpose suite of devices that collects all the data from your facility’s systems needed to digitally transform your operations and make better decisions. Its ecosystem includes the controller, the smart thermostat, lighting and load control, utility-grade energy meters, and wireless sensors to monitor everything from in-room temperature and indoor air quality to all of your refrigeration assets. The firm’s patented technology stack and unmatched experience with over 60,000 installed devices, coupled with its mobile installation app and cloud-based commissioning tools, produce simple, fast, high quality one and done installations that do not disrupt your business. It takes your raw facilities data, performs predictive analytics, and converts the data into actionable intelligence. The firm does this with a resilient and robust set of reports and tools that prioritize your information to guide your actions. This enables digital facilities management, a force multiplier for your existing facilities team. The firm helps you most efficiently spend your maintenance dollars with actual and historical device performance data to focus your resources on assets that need attention. From a single point, you can manage all of your locations, schedule events across geographies, and quickly visualize data, allowing you to address both immediate critical events and plan for long term maintenance.

ENTOUCH.gateway: It offers the industry’s only solution that can seamlessly take over third party, legacy building controls, enabling you to leverage your existing EMS investments. The firm installs an intelligent gateway that allows heterogeneous components to talk to each other, preventing the need to rip and replace existing equipment. It integrates both legacy and ENTOUCH hardware through portal into a single pane of glass from which you can control all sites from a single location and a single application.

ENTOUCH.360: It is ENTOUCH’s best in class service to ensure your buildings are comfortable, running well, and within your corporate standards. ENTOUCH.360 customers enjoy guaranteed ROI, a life of the partnership hardware warranty, work order automation through integration to existing CMMS platforms, dedicated customer success representative, 24x7x365 monitoring, and customer support for technical and comfort issues, and in-depth quarterly business reviews that expand your savings and improve your ROI. It creates a complete inventory of all your assets by location, make, and model during the installation process. This, combined with its customized reports, enables us to be your data scientist, letting you know which assets are underperforming, the cost of inaction, and where to best allocate your maintenance and capital dollars for maximum impact.

The driving force behind the success of ENTOUCH

Jon Bolen serves as the Chief Executive Officer of ENTOUCH. He is a business-centric technology leader who focuses on disciplined execution. While working on his MBA at Emory, where he graduated with high honors, Mr. Jon cut his teeth on product marketing for NCR. After leading several groups at RaceTrac Petroleum, he helped develop technology-enabled services for companies such as Radiant Systems, Trax Retail Solutions and Westec Intelligent Surveillance. An operations leader with over 20 years of experience, Mr. Jon has successfully scaled businesses and delivered results.

“ENTOUCH makes energy management for multisite organizations easier by providing intelligent facility technology and managed services.”