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RackWare – Helping enterprises migrate to the cloud and protecting their workloads through backup and disaster recovery


Service providers are striving to find new ways to monetize their infrastructure, and cloud computing is the biggest opportunity in decades. Yet, many are failing to exploit the cloud because their infrastructures are unable to orchestrate the elements required to deliver network resources, computing and storage ‘on demand’. Virtualized server environments are notoriously admin-heavy and the elements of the cloud platform such as network, servers, firewalls etc. all need to be configured independently. Cloud management software can help by managing all elements of a cloud platform; physical and virtual resources. It allows organizations to turn traditional hardware into a cloud platform by automating and streamlining the deployment while managing and provisioning those resources appropriately. This way, service providers get the most from their investments and exploit the growth opportunities of cloud services.

RackWare is one such firm that provides an intelligent Cloud Management Platform that extends across physical and virtual environments. RackWare’s RMM software platform delivers a suite of intuitive and automated services that provide IT resiliency and simplified migration to the cloud, while reducing capital and operating expenses. RMM decouples the application stack from the underlying platform allowing it to be ported to any new platform. RMM includes discovery, analysis and automation features allowing all processes to be fast, easy and error-free. RackWare provides agility in a multi-cloud environment, with rapid deployment, quick time-to-value, lowering IT expenses while still optimizing application performance.

Next-generation cloud management services offered by RackWare

RackWare Hybrid Cloud Platform: RackWare’s Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP) is a multi-function solution that enables enterprises to migrate their workload to the cloud, configure disaster recovery, and provide comprehensive oversight and management of all cloud resources (hybrid cloud management). HCP is a distributed software solution that runs on Linux virtual machines. The value in RackWare’s HCP lies both in the breadth and depth of its capabilities, providing an end to end solution for the entire cloud journey - from migration, to DR and back-up, to hybrid multi-cloud management. The core of its Hybrid Cloud Platform is enabled through a set of purpose-built replication and sync technologies that enables HCM’s unique feature set for all workloads. When coupled with the robust management layers in HCM, enterprises can take full advantage of what the cloud has to offer.

Disaster Recovery/Backup: Business Continuance via Disaster Recovery is an essential element of IT and takes on many forms. At the other end of the continuum, however, Disaster Recovery is little more than tape backup or backup to NAS which has complicated and lengthy restore procedures which take hours or days. Most cloud solutions are little more than a slow VM import process from some form of a backup. A major improvement can be achieved in disaster recovery with a solution that simply extends the existing IT architecture into the cloud. With its elastic, on-demand and geographically dispersed resources, cloud is the perfect vehicle to deliver DRaaS and backup services. RackWare’s Hybrid Cloud Platform makes use of proprietary replication technology to deliver disaster recovery with minimal RPO and RTO while allowing the user significant scope for adjusting parameters around cost and performance.

Cloud and Data Center Migration: Migration projects are often associated with downtime, data loss and the diversion of internal resources from strategic initiatives. With over 350 enterprise clients, RackWare knows that for the cloud to be effective and economical, existing applications must have easy and flexible mobility into existing private and public cloud environments. RackWare helps companies accelerate and automate data migrations across all major physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Its file-level replication technology, industry-leading cloud and hypervisor support matrix, and flexible architecture have made us a partner of choice for some of the world’s largest enterprises, migrating complex workloads with just a few clicks.

The visionary leader

Bryan Gobbett serves as the Chief Executive Officer of RackWare. He brings a passion for engineering excellence and efficiency to RackWare. He has an overall experience of 20 years in engineering leadership positions at Gigamon, Ericsson, Dell, and Cisco. Mr. Bryan holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications from Trinity College Dublin.

“RackWare enables IT organizations to protect, move, and manage applications in the cloud with a single solution.”