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From a Concept to Life ! A one stop solution for all your innovative product development needs: Creative Concepts Manufacturing Group


For more than 4 decades, Creative Concepts has designed, manufactured, and distributed products that are highly functional and innovative. The quality of delivery is high and reliable along with incredible competitive prices. The range of products from Creative Concepts includes garden, kitchen, household cleaning, personal care, automotive, fitness, and more. The company has a team overseas to monitor manufacturing and quality control to ensure products meet the highest standard of quality and consistency. Creative Concepts is an “Original Equipment Manufacturer” and a product development specialist. Owing to economies, OEM products are well known for significantly reducing the cost of production. As a product development specialist Creative Concept will coordinate with global teams and help in development of new products. They will also administer the working of cross functional team while maintaining interpersonal relations. Some of the significant functions as a product developer include managing customer services, assist merchandising, managing production problems, monitor development process, coordinating with agents and design new methodologies for product development.

Creative Concepts have sales offices worldwide that are knowledgeable about retail, online and direct response therapy for each local market. They stay on top of the latest trends, and make changes as the market changes, allowing them to always meet customers’ needs. Creative Concepts have an in-house team who designs and develops innovative products for clients and they also have experience for working with Concept Design Manufacturing, 2D/3D/Handmade prototypes, CAD, STP OBJ format, die cuts, and more. The product development team manufactures the final product with experienced designers whether OEM or ODM without infringing the rights of other companies and takes full precautions for protecting the rights of their own too with support from their in-house legal advisors. Creative Concepts’ infrastructure allows them to go from concept to mass advertising in almost 8 weeks. This allows the company to be on the forefront of consumer trends.

Since its inception cordless technology is well known for making equipment more compact and potable. In recent times the technology has evolved so significantly that it delivers massive amount of power and performance that can easily outperform their corded counterparts. The charge times are getting shorter; the run-times are getting longer. There are few individuals who refrain from using cordless tech products because too much work has to be done and potential battery run-time maybe a concern. Even with these types of valid cons, the industry has reached a point where cordless is taking over as leading technology in many ways. Whether it’s the desire for better pricing, effectiveness or safety, the cordless devices have got you covered. Investing in quality equipment will save you time and money. Creative Concepts Manufacturing Group has been working since years with professional engineers (X-Rolls Royce) who have engineered planes since a decade of experience in the technology. Their GO Tech™ is a technology that is a unique secret which has been used to develop parts that can make corded products cordless. Being a specialist in the consumer products manufacturer and distributor in the Personal Care category, they too kit to the “next level”. Wireless/Cordless is a growing category for TOMORROW’S future and it has witnessed growth from USD 1209.83 million to USD 1593.68 million from 2014 to 2019. With the CAGR of 5.67%, this market is estimated to reach USD 2685.03 million in 2026. The above is only related to Hair Curlers, Straighteners, Dryers and Stylers. Through their extensive market research and consumer trends creative concepts have witnessed the women’s hair care category gaining high popularity and growth among individuals of all age groups on improving self maintenance and appearance.

Cordless segment of Creative Concepts

Go Styler™ - The Worlds First Rechargeable Cordless Hair Dryer !

Go Styler is a cordless hair dryer that does salon quality drying and styling. Nano-Tourmaline technology is used in this dryer to make the heat much gentler on the hair during styling for a shinier and less frizzy finish. The Go Styler is weightless, tangle free and fully rechargeable. The Styler has a LED indicator along with dual heat and cool mode that allows user to set the required temperature.

Go Straightener™ - The Worlds First Rechargeable Cordless Hair Straightener and Curler .

Go Straightener comes with three heat settings with LED display, along with that a LED battery indicator is also present. In a single the straightener can last up to 35 minutes. The device serves as a curler too and it has a smooth rubber coated exterior. Straightener includes USB rechargeable cable and heat resistant cover.

Go Curler™ - The Smartest Automatic Rechargeable Hair Curler !

There is 6 temperature settings and 6 timer settings in the Go Curler. To prevent over heating the device has 20 minute auto shutoff feature. The LED display on the curler is easy to read and it shows temperature, timer, and battery level. Go Curler comes with a storage stand and it can stand firm on any surface with ease.

Freedom Razor ™ - The Worlds First Cordless 3 IN 1 Grooming tool !Shave – Edge – Trim

The Freedom Razor can rotate to change blades and fits over 40+ common Razor brands. Three trimmer combs are included along with dual-sided blade. Users can trim and edge facial hair with precision while using their favorite razor brand. The Longer Contoured handle allows full body grooming.

What’s next?

Freedom Iron™ The Worlds Rechargeable Cordless Travel Iron with a built-in Power

Bank !

Freedom Iron is the world’s first cordless chargeable multi-function travel iron. With quick charge technology, this amazing product comes with a built-in power bank, built-in LED indicator, three adjustable heat settings option to ensure your clothes are never ruined with excessive heat, and auto-shut off sensor to avoid overheating, just in case. Freedom Iron’s nano ceramic non-stick coating makes it easy to glide over all fabrics avoiding stubborn scorch marks. Overall, the product being handy, aesthetic, and powerful makes it worth a buy. Because sometimes, you’ve got to spend money to save money.


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Pioneers behind the success of Creative Concepts

Joe Advani is the Managing Director of Creative Concepts ( Asia Pacific Region). In his role, he handles the Hong Kong/ China/Europe operations, product development and manufacturing from start to finish.

Vin Advani is the company’s Vice President  and is responsible for its US/North American Retail Supply. He’s also focused on building Creative Concepts’ digital, social media and e-commerce platforms and has signed deals with hundreds of influencers, developing the company’s social media presence.

“Our manufacturing efficiency comes from us eliminating purchasing layers & sourcing our own raw materials, providing us with flexibility & cost savings which we pass on to our customers.”