November Special Edition 2021 (Vol- I)

Zipari – Creating Transformative CX Technology that Makes Health Insurance Better for Everyone


Customer Experience (CX) is becoming an important competitive differentiator in the insurance industry. The “now” generation expects much from Insurance today: comprehensive choices, efficiency, flexibility, and speed-of-delivery. The global obsession with the digital world means that customer experience in insurance is no longer judged in a vacuum – against other insurance providers, but rather against other digital service providers. And, accordingly, to compete, insurance companies must focus on delivering CX in more intuitive and innovative ways.

Zipari is one such firm which is a pioneer in offering consumer experience technology for health insurance with the power to change an industry. Its platform offers unparalleled insights of every member touchpoint, the most accessible and comprehensive member profiles, and configurable solutions that build on your current technology. Zipari's breakthrough technology enables the type of member relationship that insurers want and consumers seek. With native understanding of the industry and exclusivity as a sector specialist, it instinctively share its clients goals, aspiring to new possibilities for consumer relationships that will unlock all the potential that health insurance holds.

Leveraging Best-in-Class Customer Experience Products

Zipari’s Sales Center: It is the first and only ready-to-go solution built for the world of health insurance sales. With one common Sales Center, you can accelerate your sales cycle and close deals faster, gaining visibility into every line of business. Forget months of costly customization with a basic CRM system. Zipari works for you on day one. It enables the management of all revenue streams from a single tool, combined with 360-degree views of the pipeline across all market segments to enhance prospecting tactics, prioritize opportunities, manage brokers, and make real-time adjustments. Zipari’s Sales Center is powered by its revolutionary CX Platform, the foundational technology suite that ties everything together, enabling flexible scaling, easy configuration, and ensuring a consistent experience across the board.

CX 360: Nobody knows your consumers better than you, and the data you need is out there. But, most lack a way to capture it, track it comprehensively, and use it effectively. Zipari’s CX 360 provides the solution: advanced data tracking and aggregation with unparalleled, comprehensive consumer profiles to engage in meaningful analysis and informed action – regardless of whether your consumer is a member, broker, employer, or provider. User can get real-time visibility into how your consumers are interacting with your plan benefits, portals, and your organization overall. Zipari’s CX 360 provides comprehensive consumer profiles, enabling efficient and personalized service experiences for every consumer you serve. Zipari’s CX 360 is powered by its revolutionary CX Platform, the foundational technology suite that ties everything together, enabling flexible scaling, easy configuration, and ensuring a consistent experience across the board.

CX Engagement Hub: Engaging your consumers and helping them make decisions about their health can be proactive, not just reactive. Zipari’s CX Engagement Hub gives you the power to execute a targeted, comprehensive, and omnichannel communication plan that personalizes the health insurance experience, improves collaboration among departments and across consumer touchpoints, and improves quality scores. CX Engagement Hub gives health plans and TPAs the technology to streamline outreach and bring together all cross-departmental goals in a single, easy-to-use tool. By attaching a value to each goal, payers prioritize every touchpoint and measure the effectiveness of each interaction, leading to better consumer experiences and more effective use of outreach dollars.

The Leader Upfront

Mark Nathan is the founder and Chief Executive officer of Zipari. He began his 25+ year career as a robotics engineer at NASA and spent half of his career leading the modernization of customer experience at Guardian, one of the largest insurance companies in the nation. The other half of Mark’s career has been dedicated to developing enterprise-level, consumer-oriented technology for large consumer brands, like Apple, Disney, and 

“We are health insurance experts, exclusively dedicated to understanding legacy and emerging challenges, and obsessed with creating solutions.”