10 Fastest Growing Networking Companies 2016

The Goal Based Social Network: Linkagoal, Inc.


“Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.” – Amy Jo Martin

Without knowing where you are going, chances are you might get lost. Having goals and working towards them keeps us focused in life as we continuously thrive and learn along the way. They can help us with being more organized, resourceful, and provide us clarity of what we are trying to achieve. By writing a goal down, you begin to realize it. Goal writing helps when developing a goal plan, and by connecting with others to share goals, it becomes a collaborative take on fulfilling your objectives when you receive new ideas and advice that can make your goals appear more actionable than before.

Based out of Sunnyvale, CA, USA, Linkagoal is a goal-based social network that combines the power of social networking and crowd-sourcing to help people connect, track and better support one another through the entire goal-making process. It works on a simple yet powerful concept of Create, Link and Contribute. The site allows its members to write goals (Create), connect with common goals and aspirations (Link), and help them achieve their goal (Contribute). Linkagoal is based on the belief that the lack of resources, guidance, experience, accountability, and encouragement hinder people from achieving their goals – so why not help them.

Linkagoal’s Social Network
On Linkagoal’s social network, goal-setters can create profiles, set actionable goals with interactive timelines to track milestones, and connect with others for motivation, and support in their own personal or collective endeavors. LinksFeed builds a micro community around similar goals and its users are truly benefitted by receiving purposeful content that helps achieving their life goals. For those that are more vocal about their accomplishments, they can opt to be a guide for other goal-setters by adding advice and personal insight to help other’s with a goal.

Customer Base
Anyone and everyone can use Linkagoal. The company specializes on empowering the community to accomplish more in their daily lives, while helping to reach their dreams. Each and every user around the globe is its biggest client. The success of the company is based purely on the strength of its community. As the community grows, so will Linkagoal’s impact on the wider world.

A Customer’s Experience using Linkagoal
Linkagoal user Jarred Duke had a goal to master the boomerang in 20 days. Jarred set his goal on Linkagoal, created actionable steps, and with the help of his peers on Linkagoal that cheered him and gave him tips along the way, accomplished his goal in just 14 days.

Global Coverage
Linkagoal is a global company with users in every continent across 212 countries, and are continuing to grow.

The Road Ahead
User growth and experience have been the main drivers in Linkagoal’s recent revamp. It is essential that the platform’s robustness and scalability can support the growing Linkagoal community. In its new release, the company has added features such as the ability to stay connected with others via messaging, an interactive timeline for setting actionable goals and dedicated milestone, and more customization settings to personalizing profiles with video bios. In anticipation of high user growth, monetization is the primary focus to roll out in late 2016 along with mentorship services, rewards and goal campaign features.

Meet the People behind Linkagoal

Mohsin Shafique, Founder and CEO
Prior to founding Linkagoal, Mohsin worked in the IT Industry for more than 16 years across a wide range of industries such as software and hardware, financial services, aerospace, and oil and gas. He is passionate about human development and advancement, theory of goal setting, neuropsychology, neurolinguistic programming and a fleetest runner.

Nasir Jamal, Co-Founder
Nasir is a banker and number crunching entrepreneur who loves travelling and meeting new people.

Executive Thought

  • Can you brief us about Linkagoal’s history?
    Linkagoal was born out of the belief that the lack of resources, direction, experience and accountability keeps us from reaching our goals. When we launched our second generation in 2015, our user-base quickly grew with more interactions developing in and around goal setting and goal-achieving on a daily basis. Our soon to be released third and final generation is an advanced and succeeding version of current social networking. The new platform allows users to create balance between life events belonging to past, present and future. Rapid adoption is setting us on course to reach our 2 million users milestone by the end of Q3 this year.
  • How is Linkagoal positioned in the recent Market scenario?
    We are the only social network centered on the goal-making experience. Platform allows people to set and achieve their life goals while sharing past/present events via creating posts. Socializing on future events combined with conventional social networking create life balance and improve its quality by staying focus on personal and professional goals. Our community is truly global which gives people an advantage to gain a vast amount of unique insight no matter how big or small their goal is.
  • What can users expect from Linkagoal’s new platform release?
    New Look and Latest Features to Expand Goal Horizons – With nearly two million users to date, Linkagoal is setting out to broaden goal-setters’ horizons with the launch of its new and improved goal-based social network and app. As part of the launch, Linkagoal is rolling out a whole new look and toolset to help goal-setters connect, further motivate, inspire and support others in their own personal or collective endeavors.

New features and benefits include:

Goals Are More Digestible – With Linkagoal’s new timeline and latest milestone feature, you can now develop your own interactive plan and benchmark daily progress.

Share Your Journey – Post your own progress or keep up with others with Linkagoal’s dedicated goal-based newsfeed. Share goal progress via video, photos or even @mentioning fellow peers. You can also share other life events, too.

Regular Goal Pulse – Linkagoal alerts you when someone shares advice, you gain a new follower, or if your goal has been shared with the wider community.

Goal Power Groups – Link to others with similar goals and enjoy a community that’s laser-focused on achieving a common goal.

“Linkagoal’s vision is to improve the lives of people across the globe – by letting them set, strive and achieve their goals.”