In Australia: Wing Rolls Out new app for Drone Flyers

In Australia: Wing Rolls Out new app for Drone Flyers
The Siliconreview
08 July, 2019

Wing, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., has rolled out a new app for drone operators in Australia. Dubbed as Open Sky; the app is designed to assist drone operators in finding an appropriate place and time for flying their drone fleets or drones.

On Tuesday, Open Sky was launched on the Google Play and iOS App Store without informing the world. The app is launched for both commercial drone flyers and recreational drone owners.

According to Wing’s official website, the new app wants to make things simpler to find out when and where users can fly their drones; whether the person loves to fly drones or use drones for business for inspection and goods delivery.

The new app is simple to use. The menu in the app allows the user to choose the type of drone operator he/she prefers. The drone categories are either recreational, commercial (flying drones commercially less than 2kg) or ReOC (flying drones commercially with an operator certificate issued by Civil Aviation Safety Authority, CASA).

There is a map search box in the app. Users can get information about no-fly zones or about any restrictions that maybe in place. Apart from that users can also view the related CASA compliance maps for assistance. The flight hazard feature allows users to recognize the danger of flying unsafe drones.

The company is also working on tools for CASA to communicate with drone operators during events such as a concert, sports matches, etc.