UR Unveiled New Cobot In The CIIF Tradeshow

UR Unveiled New Cobot In The CIIF Tradeshow
The Siliconreview
20 September, 2019

Universal Robots displayed a new collaborative robot that can lift 35-pound payloads at the China International Industry Fair (CIIF) trade show. The innovation may not seem significant but it predicts a major trend in the automation sector and an important milestone in the way robots and humans work collectively. Previously, the industrial tasks performed by the caged off industrial machines are now done by collaborative robots (cobots). In the last decade, functions of the light industry sectors and components manufacturing changed due to Collaborative automation. Robots are now designed with plenty of sensors to allow the machines to operate alongside humans.

To stay relevant in the competition, manufacturers must look for flexible solutions because of the uncertain economic climate. Launch of UR16e will tackle the heavy-duty tasks and improve efficiency and reliability. The launch willgive manufacturers innovative ways to improvise the performance and it will also expand Universal Robot’s product portfolio. The robot is well suited to handle materials and heavy parts. It also showcases the skills required for collaborative automation. Versatile use of this machine in the new industry is possible only if it displays strong safety records. For now the industry is operating in a patchwork of regulation but the U.S. enforcements will operate reactively after incidents. UR has assured the safety and currently, there are 37,000 cobots functioning around the world.