Juniper Networks Rolls out New Sub-meter GPS receiver

Juniper Networks Rolls out New Sub-meter GPS receiver
The Siliconreview
03 October, 2019

Juniper Networks has unveiled a new model of its Geode Sub-meter GPS receiver. The new model will be now supported by a range of iPhone and iPad devices. The model is called as Geode GNS2.  All the features and connectivity in the new receiver is the same as the original model but it has a new support for iPad and iPhone.

Geode: all-in-one sub-meter receiver

The versatile Geode is designed exclusively to deliver real-time, precision GNSS data at an affordable price to the users. It is loaded with a feature known as one-button simplicity and is supported on the company’s system rugged handhelds, including a range of devices that works on Android, Windows and Apple. The feature is suitable for BYOD workplaces too.

Smaller in size, and compact in nature, Geode can be carried by hand, inside a pack, or mounted on a pole, in accordance with the unique application of the users.

The geode, like any other products, is built to Juniper Rugged standards for reliable performance in harsh environments. It is dust and water resistant, and operates all-day with the internal battery.

After the new launch, the company’s Connect app is now available in the App Store. For iPad and iPhone, there is a new feature called monitoring,it allows users to check the charging status while plugging in the device and also check the amount of battery left while working.