Google partnered with IBM to move their power system to its cloud

Google partnered with IBM to move their power system to its cloud
The Siliconreview
14 January, 2020

Majority of the cloud builders use their own mantle in their datacenters. Sometimes it is not possible to do majority of the dedicated engineering work so organizations usually bring in OEM equipment. Google is on a lookout to add to add more enterprises to its cloud platform but they have to provide a platform that will allow businesses with a workload to easily move to the cloud. Majority of the workload in recent times run on IBM power system along with their processor. Until now, IBM was the only known vendor who was offering cloud-based power systems. Google has now partnered with IBM to launch IBM’s power system on its cloud. Google Cloud’s corporate VP Kevin Ichhpurani stated that Enterprises that are actively on a lookout to modernize their infrastructure and streamline their processes now have many options.

The organizations are now re-platforming to be able to adopt cloud. Most of the others want to leverage their existing infrastructure while making use of cloud’s benefit and they want to make use of the cloud’s flexibility, scalability, consumption model. Powersystems are used by organizations to make use of mission-critical workloads. IBM is known for having own cloud and it doesn’t seem feasible to work with Google.