The UK is all set to be the ho...


The UK is all set to be the home to the World's largest automated drone superhighway

World's largest automated drone
The Silicon Review
18 July, 2022

Within the next two years, the United Kingdom is set to have the World's largest automated drone superhighway.

The World's largest automated drone will be used on the 165-mile Skyway project connecting cities and towns. The drone was provided a green signal by the government and was revealed by Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng. It is part of the aerospace sector's £273 million funding package.

The network will connect airspace above cities, which includes Reading, Milton, Oxford, Keynes, Coventry, Cambridge, and Rugby, by mid-2024. The plans were proposed by a consortium led by software provider Altitude Angel and BT. Drones currently are flown only with the help of a pilot. The Skyway is intended to allow manufacturers to connect their pilotless drone's communication systems and guidance into a 'virtual superhighway.' The system will take over and guide the drone to safely move through 'corridors' to their destinations using software integration. The companies associated with the Skyway project hope the superhighway will 'unlock the huge potential offered by unmanned aerial vehicles.'

These projects also include a plan to use drones to deliver medicines and mail to the Isles of Scilly regularly. It also includes a plan to distribute medicines across Scotland, potentially enabling some cancer patients to be treated in their local community.