Facebook hints it may have to charge users if Apple doesn't allow tracking

Facebook hints it may have to charge users if Apple doesn't allow tracking
The Siliconreview
04 May, 2021

Apple and Facebook have long been in tussle over the privacy issue. Recently, Apple announced its new iOS 14.5 update for iPhone users, which has irked Facebook even more. The new iOS version comes with App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature, which notifies users and lets them permanently disable any tracking from a specific app.

Facebook, which generates its most revenue from the tracking of user data to serve ads, has simply been hurt by Apple's move. It can be alarming for Facebook, which also owns Instagram and Whatsapp, using the same method to generate revenues. So to save itself from a potential disaster, Facebook has started notifying users on iOS to "Help keep Facebook free of charge."

As the iOS 14.5 update is being rolled out, the notifications popped up for both Facebook and Instagram users, "This version of iOS requires us to ask for permission to track some data from this device to improve your ads. Learn how we limit the use of this information if you don't turn on this device setting." The notification also mentions, "Show you ads that are more personalized" and "Support businesses that rely on ads to reach their customers."

As the users move to the new version, they have the power to allow or restrict Facebook, Instagram, and other apps. If most users simply turn off their tracking, it can cause a serious issue for Facebook, forcing them to start charging users for their products.