50 Leading Companies of the Year 2018

A Leading Multi-Cloud Data Management Platform: Panzura


Panzura aims to be the leader in multi-cloud data management for the enterprise. It does this by delivering a multi-cloud data management platform underpinned by the first enterprise file system purpose-built for the cloud.

Why Panzura?

The combination of Panzura and the Cloud is the total enterprise solution enabling the consolidation of data into a single source of truth without sacrificing performance and eliminating the need for application rewrite and now, with, enterprises can search, analyze, and control their data. It’s impressive to realize that the world’s data has grown 50 times from 2010 to 2020. What’s more impressive, though, is that 90% of the world’s data today was generated in the past two years! And the thing that is driving the recent growth in data is machine-generated data. Data generated by machines is growing at 50times faster growth rate and that is not slowing down. With the internet of things and the digital revolution, it will only speed up.Panzura believes cloud is the answer for agility, durability, and scalability however cloud requires application rewrite, lacks local performance, and cloud can become another data island. The enterprise needs a new solution. And here it is!

Solution Offerings


  • Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC): CAD, BIM, and other applications must work seamlessly, even when project teams are stretched across time zones but it can’t cost a small fortune in storage and networking to make it happen.Panzura solves the ‘File Open’ problem, reducing BIM and CAD file open times from upwards of 20 minutes to as little as 8 seconds
  • Financial Services: Financial services and banking companies play a critical role in the economy. They need secureand resilient solutions for storing and accessing critical data. Panzura encryption has achieved the highest level of data security certification by meeting the FIPS 140-2 standard that is accepted by military, law enforcement, and government intelligence agencies
  • Government and Legal: Government institutions and legal firms often struggle when trying to share files between office locations. Email file-size limitations and version-control issues reduce productivity, and exponential storage growth is a major issue for IT. And, of course, security is paramount for both. Panzura CloudFS consolidates unstructured data storage, archive, backup, and disaster recovery in the cloud, decreasing storage costs up to 70%

Use cases

  • Hybrid Cloud NAS Use Case: Panzura Freedom NAS is an intelligent hybrid cloud storage solution designed for enterprise workloads. Because it is underpinned by Panzura CloudFS, it offers the economics, scalability, and durability of the cloud along with the performance and business continuity of local storage. Freedom NAS enables organizations to consolidate storage, reduce costs, and improve performance and collaboration for every site in the global enterprise
  • Cross-Site Collaboration: It consolidates 100% of unstructured data in the cloud and providing real-time global file and byte-range locking with immediate consistency. Users distributed across the world gain the ability to work on the same files simultaneously
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery for Veeam Virtual Machine Backups: Panzura Freedom NAS integrates with Veeam to natively present any public or private cloud as a backup target. Freedom NAS simply presents highly scalable cloud storage as a local SMB file share. This enables Veeam to directly perform VM backups to that share. Organizations can use Freedom NAS to securely store Veeam backups in the cloud without making any changes to their existing workflows or business processes


  • AWS: Enterprises in media and entertainment, genomics, life sciences, healthcare, oil and gas, financial services, and more choose Panzura Freedom NAS to consolidate their data islands into a “Single-Source-of-Truth” in AWS without sacrificing performance or application rewrites
  • Azure: By consolidating unstructured data (NFS, SMB, and Object) into Azure cloud, customers can gain access to all their data, collaborate on this data, analyze, and control it for compliance

Greet the Leader

Patrick Harr, Chief Executive Officer: With more than two decades of industry experience, Harr joins the company after holding positions as vice president and general manager at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE), vice president at VMWare as well as a go-to-market leader and CEO of multiple start-ups, including cloud storage pioneer Nirvanix which he founded, Preventsys which was acquired by McAfee and storage networking leader Sanera which was acquired by McDATA/Brocade. While at HPE, Harr scaled the America's cloud business 19X leveraging key GTM partners and generated over $1.5B in revenue in five years. He has an extensive startup and Fortune 500 vendor experience across cloud, storage, security, and networking. Harr received his MBA from the University of Maryland and a BA from Tulane University in Political Economy and Russian. He has four kids and lives with his wife and family in Los Gatos, CA.

“Unlock the power of Multi-Cloud data.”