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Firmitas Cyber Solutions : Protecting mission-critical systems with advanced and sophisticated cyber-defense solutions


Present day cyber-attacks have become more pervasive and damaging making it extremely challenging for organizations to secure their sensitive data and critical systems. Such attacks can cause far-reaching effects resulting in lost business, reputation loss and reduced goodwill from clients. In order to prevent business disruption that may affect corporate survival, business leaders have to make proper decisions and investments in choosing the right company and personnel for protecting their assets. This is where Firmitas Cyber Solutions comes into the picture. Firmitas Cyber Solutions is a technology company that provides patent-pending cyber-defense solutions to protect connected systems, and specifically mission-critical systems.

Firmitas started development in July 2015. The company develops a patented technological solution providing a unique OT-Security solution which is especially applicable for industrial automation (SCADA/ICS), building management systems, water & sewage management systems, industrial IoT, including Oil & Gas infrastructure. Gil Keini, CEO and founder is proud to announce, “Based on its recent analysis of the deterministic operational technology security solutions for industrial infrastructure industry, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Firmitas with the 2017 European Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award for its innovative approach to the OT market with its ValidiGate™ solutions.”

Protecting critical systems with leading edge operational security

Cyber-attacks are increasingly targeting mission critical systems and infrastructure. The intention behind such attacks can be to cause damage, instill fear or for extortion and ransom. As more and more critical systems are being automated/ computerized and are connected to the external world (networks), malicious actors have a greater chance to damage the system. While such automation and connectivity allow the operators to provide improved operational-visibility and improved service, the same conditions elevate the danger of a catastrophic cascade due to a rogue device (plain malfunction or a “compromised” device). Cyber Security solutions will improve the safety and usability of such automated systems, and be a major factor in wider adoption of smart/automated systems, which in turn will improve the quality of life and the efficiency of resource usage.

Describing the market scenario, Gil said, “I see more and more companies trying to come up with security solutions specifically for the OT (Operational Technology) networks and equipment. While the IT/Enterprise arena is filled with solutions, the area of OT security has been “neglected” for years. I think that companies with OT networks are starting to understand that solutions which were developed for Information Security and Data Security are not suitable for protecting OT networks. Some are trying to adapt existing solutions for the special attributes of OT networks, while others are looking for dedicated OT Security solutions.”

Firmitas’ disruptive solution ValidiGate™

Firmitas is different as its solution provides a fully-deterministic white-list-based Adaptable Operational Security which is a perfect fit for protecting operational systems, purpose-built systems, and critical-infrastructure. Using Firmitas’ solution called ValidiGate™, the protection can be provided to any system using any communication-protocol over any channel, while preserving trust and confidentiality of the systems.

Firmitas believes that the most purpose-built systems need protection by prevention, and its solution can deliver this in real-time. Another important point, as mentioned above, is providing protection for sensitive systems, be it commercially-sensitive or national-security-sensitive. For such sensitive systems, no off-the-shelf solution can provide security, and Firmitas is trying to fill the gap by providing its security solution, since it does not have to be involved in the process of system definition. The company provides a device-side security solution based on whitelist approach as applied to incoming and outgoing communication, by monitoring and enforcing the correct and expected behavior of the target system to be protected. “We are the only solution that provides protection-by-prevention on the edge-device side, and the only one providing solutions for sensitive systems, which no other security vendor can do by not being involved with the specifics of the sensitive target-system, yet allowing tight-fitting security solution”, the company said.

Firmitas: A company you can trust

Firmitas works with several leading global System Integrators to protect building automation and management systems (BMS), automated warehouses, smart and safe cities, industrial IoT and automation, water and sewage management, surveillance cameras and physical security systems. In addition, the company also offers per device tailored solution, lets customers design their own security, enforces operational policies as well as reduces a device’s attack surface.

Though the R&D center is located in Israel, Firmitas has also started working in India, Japan, England, Europe as well as North-America. It is working through local System Integrators as part of its business-model.

Greet the visionaries

Mr. Rami Efrati, Founder & President

An expert in Cyber Technology Strategic Methods, Mr. Efrati is the former Head of the Civilian Division of the Israel National Cyber Bureau in the Prime Minister’s Office. He has served in the Israel Defense Forces for more than twenty-eight years.

Mr. Efrati commanded numerous prestigious operational and technological positions in Military Intelligence and received the Creative Thinking Award from the Director of Military Intelligence.


Mr. Gil Keini, Founder & CEO

Mr. Keini has more than 20 years of experience as multidisciplinary and software specialist with extensive experience in customer facing projects as well as deep R&D and research. He holds a Masters degree in Molecular Genetics and Cancer Research from The Hebrew University.

He directly managed groundbreaking projects with Microsoft, Yahoo, Oracle, Siemens-Mobile, Ericsson, Samsung, NTT-DoCoMo and others while in Comverse and RADVISION. He has a deep knowledge in code-security, system-security, and secure-architecture.

“We leverage our unique technology to provide value to our customers, by creating a “Business-Enabling” solution allowing quick deployment of new and advanced devices & services, thereby accelerating business innovation & revenue generation.”