August Special Edition 2021

Hushly – Content Engagement, Lead Conversion, and Lead Enrichment Platform powered by AI


Hushly is a content engagement platform that delivers a complete solution – content engagement, lead conversion, and lead enrichment – for B2B marketers executing lead generation and ABM campaigns. The software improves the user journey and offers marketers the opportunity to personalize the web visitor’s abandonment, mobile experience, or ungated content exploration through multiple dimensions using any combination of AI-based models, rule-based systems, and 3rd party integrations. Hushly’s unique business model and focus on lead conversions have resulted in customers experiencing a 51 percent lead lift increase.

Leading Customer Engagement and Lead Generation Services Offered

ABM Campaign Pages: With Hushly’s template driven ABM Campaign Pages you can quickly scale up and scale out your ABM strategies. Hushly’s ABM Pages allow field and marketers to create account focused microsites with personalized content journeys at scale for all their in-market accounts. Its page authoring tool makes it easy to create page layouts and customize the entire look and feel that fits into your brand guidelines with colors, fonts, and graphics that help you target a single account or groups of accounts. The Hushly platform has two methods for executing on ABM campaigns.  The first is a standard account based model where a list of accounts are loaded and either targeted with a 1:1 approach or grouped into clusters to target small or large groups of accounts based on whatever methodology you want to target them by (industry, size of company, a sales reps territory, etc.) those accounts are doing from a content engagement and conversion perspective. 

Content Engagement Hubs: Today’s B2B buyers are offered content in a way that doesn’t feel intuitive. The same content is spread across various pages and static resource centers. They have to hunt for relevant assets depending on their vertical, industry, job role, country, etc. Hushly’s content experience platform solves this problem with a content hub that serves personalized content streams. Through AI, intent data, and a B2B buyer business profile, each visitor is offered uniquely relevant content. Its content engagement platform also allows you to create multiple content hubs and content streams for various campaigns at no additional charge. B2B buyers are also served content recommendations to help them make informed decisions faster as they self-nurture through this content engagement strategy.

Landing Page Abandonment: Hushly’s form abandonment software detects this exit intent and offers those would-be abandoners a content preview of whichever asset they wanted to view. This gives them a chance to engage with the content and discover whether or not the content is valuable enough to read in its entirety. Hushly will present the form once viewers are already engaged with the content and would like to see more. Hushly’s form abandonment software can greatly improve your ROI and help substantially increase your lead conversion rate. The best part is it’s done in a way that saves you both time and money. With its simple implementation and real-time AI engine, Hushly works quickly and efficiently to reduce abandonment and bring you more quality leads. Additionally, its landing page abandonment solutions can amplify your existing marketing investments. Your next lead conversion can cost you as little as a third of what today’s cost once it is implemented on your page. This means you can increase your lead conversion rate with no additional spend on paid traffic, capturing additional leads at a fraction of your current CPL.

Lead Form Builder: The traditional online form builder just won’t get you the results you need anymore. In fact, you’re probably seeing more form abandonment than promising leads coming from your current landing pages. Luckily Hushly’s lead form builder is designed to reverse that trend. Hushly’s Smart MicroForms are a simple way to help you increase conversions, reduce form abandonment, and yield higher quality leads through a much cleaner and more engaging user experience.

The Formidable Leader         

Geoff Rego is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hushly.

“We have continued to evolve our solution to address the needs of B2B marketers while keeping a forward looking mindset to where the market is going while not deviating off course from our four guiding principles.”