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Intelli Solutions S.A.: Orchestrating Business Transformation with Innovation and Teamwork


“Our mission is to enhance the corporate value of our customers in a quantifiable manner and in optimal time.”

Intelli Solutions S.A. is a specialized IT consulting firm, which mainly focuses on Telecom, Financial, Manufacturing, and Services sector. Based on its vast experience and strong business know-how, the company delivers market-leading software solutions to the largest organizations in Telecommunications and Financial Services in southeast Europe, Middle East, and North Africa.

Intelli offers a complete solutions portfolio to meet the incremental needs of any banking, financial, telecommunication and services organization, such as back-office automation, paperless business, debt collections, financial management, lending, knowledge management, service operations, asset management, and loyalty management. The company has generated and continuously enhances a leading Software Business Suite, called SynChordia that is already heavily used from large corporate accounts in Greece and abroad.

Intelli Solutions S.A.: Synopsis

Odyssey of Intelli

Intelli, being active in the digital transformation business, has observed that many of the companies face significant difficulties to make that digital leap. As a result, the firm has an insider’s perspective on the biggest challenges these companies face when taking on transformation projects. Based on its vast experience and strong business know-how, the company delivers market-leading software solutions, which allows them to act as a Trusted Advisor that delivers quantifiable benefits for its customer base.

Mission and Vision

Intelli’s mission is to enhance the corporate value of its customers in a quantifiable manner and in optimal time. The company is focused on increasing its customers’ competitive advantage, through the combination of first-class services, multinational expertise, and in-depth understanding of the dynamics that affect its industries.

Company’s Core Value

As far as the company’s core values are concerned, what they do and how they work is distinctly based on those values that can be summarized to the following points:

Customer Service: To ensure that all customers are getting what they pay for and provide all customers with the best quality products and services that are consistent with their needs.

Continuous Improvement: To analyze the working relationships with their customers and try to enhance the way they deliver services, follow up with preventive actions, identify processes that require improvement, and implement necessary changes to achieve them.

Technology: To acquire, use and apply the latest technology and information in all activities, products, and services.

Ethics: To conduct all business in an ethical and professional manner sensitive to employees, business community, and social values.

Key Strategies and Principles

Agility: the firm decided to continuously follow an agile operating model, although it is a tough process and especially when the company is already recognized and established. There are several paths to agility and many different starting points, but all share some common elements related to organizational structure, people, internal processes, and technology. In order to maintain this agile approach, the company must keep alive an internal mechanism in order to be able to stay tuned to signals of change from the external environment, decode them, and quickly act to refine or reinvent its business model and even reshape the information landscape of the industry.

Move into New Markets: From the very early stage, the company had ambitions to expand into new markets. The management team made calculated decisions on how to move forward with expansion based on extensive research and testing with the brand’s target audience. Since 2005, Intelli has successfully entered new international markets with a clear strategy and a team aligned to execute with ruthless consistency and by breaking all the barriers.

Employee and Customer-centric

If you’ve got these workers in place, your chances of successful business expansion improve. That was actually one of Intelli’s strategic choices from the beginning – to focus on their people and take a step forward from not only a “customer first” focus but also to “employee first” as a strategy, thus ensuring sustainable performance. The gain from this approach is, according to their findings, that by focusing on their people the company managed to increase and make use of the inherent motivation among people, and by that increase client satisfaction, revenues, and enhance its competitiveness; ensuring its future position in the market.

Future Intent

The company aims at building on its strengths in advanced digital technologies and their strong presence in traditional sectors to seize the range of opportunities that technologies such as AI and machine learning offer. They also focus on being fully aligned with their core business values and strategies – we still live the culture we want everyone else to live — this is actually our unique business value and our Smart choice from the very early stage.

Leadership | Intelli Solutions

Panos Gialelis is the President, Co-founder, and the Chief Executive Officer of Intelli group since 2005. He had an evolving management career – which started 30 years ago in multinational companies such as Microsoft and Vodafone, holding senior executive positions in Marketing, Sales, and General Management. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and an MBA.

Pavlos Tziorkas is the Co-founder and Vice President of the Intelli Group. He holds a BSc in Computer Science and an MBA. He has an overall experience of more than 20 yearsin IT and Telecommunications sector. For many years he was holding a key position in Vodafone Global on

Dusseldorf, being responsible for IT Infrastructure Strategy and Architecture.

“We still live the culture we want everyone else to live - this is actually our unique business value and our Smart choice from the very early stage.”