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Super 30 Companies Of The Year 2018

Making Mode of Payment Easy To Access Anywhere and Anytime: Ezetap

thesiliconreview-abhijit-bose-cofounder-ceo-ezetap-2018Disruptor. Innovator. Payments Leader.

Over the next decade, India will move from a cash-based, opaque economy to an economy connected over the mobile internet that is digital, instantaneous, and transparent, and where every citizen is not just on the financial grid but the quality of their families' future will be materially better. Hence, the co-founders Abhijit Bose and Bhaktha Keshavachar developed Ezetap. 

Ezetap’s customers are business and financial institutions that are investing in smart applications and technology to transform the way they engage their customers. Its mission is to be the single platform through which these businesses complete any financial transaction with their customers, supporting every instrument and method that those customers want to use.

It will do this with innovative technology - built in India - that will break the legacy silos and business models in Financial Services, and allow its merchants to deploy customer experiences and connected solutions that were not possible, and in some cases imaginable before the company came into the market.

Building any business, especially this one, is tough and requires a lot of patience, but the firm loves what it does. The founders started Ezetap in order to build a company that is passionate about delivering customers success, a place where smart people can challenge the way things work, and hopefully be a meaningful part of the financial transformation happening in India.

Major Focus and its Achievements

At Ezetap, veterans from payments, hardware, cloud and SaaS industries have joined hands for the sole purpose of ushering in a new era of a frictionless digital payment ecosystem in India. Ezetap’s smart and secure capabilities as an intelligent SaaS payments platform is already helping thousands of brick-and-mortar retailers, e-commerce players, enterprises and financial inclusion organizations, transform their businesses.

Ranked twice in a row by CNBC in their Global Top 50 Disruptor List in 2016 and 2017, Ezetap has been reimaging payments since 2011. Ezetap is the only payments solution company which has an end-to-end smart payment solution (including hardware) to address the needs of fast-growing enterprise companies.

First, to introduce mobile POS SDK for enterprise companies in India, Ezetap is trusted by seven of the top ten mPOS merchants in Asia. As per the Reserve Bank of India POS Report published (Oct 2014-15), Ezetap’s market share was 1/3rd of all terminals activated in 2015.

Universal Payments Modes Created By the Company

The complexities involved in accepting payments are growing at a rapid pace. This is where Ezetap’s Universal Payments can solve any payment challenge that a business may face. Ezetap’s secure platform is PCI-DSS certified and is compliant with any certified device in the world. Ezetap offers businesses globally an end-to-end payment platform that can support any customer touch-point, any mode of payment, any choice of hardware.

The universal platform is future-proof in a way that enables businesses to accept any new mode of payment that may come in the future. With a low-touch process for adding any number of new payment terminals, you never have to worry about scalability. In short, Ezetap’s platform is the only solution that businesses need for now and the future.

The Two Leading Lions of the Company

 Abhijit (Bobby) Bose, Co-Founder & CEO

Abhijit has seventeen years of experience in product management, product marketing, and business development with expertise in software and mobile markets. He completed BS, Mechanical Engineering at Cornell University and later went on to complete his MBA at Harvard Business School. He worked at Oracle Corporation for 6 years and later moved to JiGrahak Mobility Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (ngpay) as the Vice President. He was also the Head of Product – Intuit GoConnect in Intuit.

Bhaktha Keshavachar, Co-Founder & CTO

Bhaktha Keshavachar is known to build, architect and deploy world-class products. He was part of St. Joesph’s College and had completed MS in Wireless Communication computer Architecture at Arizona State University. Initially, he started his work life as a Software Engineer at Sharp Laboratories of America and soon became a Staff Architect at Intel. He was part of Intel for ten years and decided to become an Engineering Manager at Intel Corp – India. He was then working for Antargata Infotech as the CTO. 

"Our vision is to be the single solution through which businesses complete any financial transaction with their customers, supporting every instrument and method that their customers want to use."