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Qorus: Three steps for exquisite documentation; Create, Collaborate and Captivate


“Started off as a small idea back in 2008 to help business create personalized, complaint communications without paying a fortune, has quickly grown into a successful global business”

Headquartered in Washington, USA, Qorus Software is a leading global provider of document automation and proposal management solutions for organizations looking to simplify the way they do business. In a world that is increasingly complex, and with clients who continue to demand more for less, they believe that software should be intuitive and easy to use. Which is why their solutions are built on familiar tools like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint with access to re-usable content in a centralized knowledge center.

Their software is designed to be used across all departments, helping you produce customized pitches and presentations, proposals, RFP responses, contracts and reports in a fraction of the time. Qorus is a proud Microsoft partner, including the Gold Application Development and Silver Cloud Competency. With offices in the USA, UK and South Africa, Qorus Software serves customers in the Telecommunications, Financial Services, Legal, Institutional Asset Management, Healthcare, Professional Services and Technology industries, among others.

Distinct products offered by Qorus
Qorus products dramatically reduce the time and effort required to generate business-critical documents, it’s products include.

Qorus Breeze Proposals:
They created Qorus Breeze Proposals with marketing, sales and bid teams in mind, their goal was to reduce training time, speed up implementation, and encourage user adoption. To achieve this, they built the software on familiar Microsoft Office tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint.

Their proposal software is deployed in the cloud (Microsoft Azure, private or hybrid) or on-premise. Both options provide the same powerful features, with the cloud option providing a highly scalable and secure environment and allowing for optimal proposal management solutions. Companies using Qorus Breeze Proposals have calculated efficiency improvements of up to 18% from three months, and tender win rates improved by up to 25%.

Qorus DocGeneration:
Content management systems have seen explosive growth with SharePoint dominating as the defacto platform on which to store, manage and collaborate on just about all documents. Qorus DocGeneration is the only document automation product on the market that actually embeds itself into SharePoint as a feature. It takes the power of SharePoint even further, adding a user-friendly API and automating the assembly of business documents such as contracts, letters, HR documents, and board and financial reports. DocGeneration is available on-premise or in the cloud as Qorus DocGeneration for Office 365.

Qorus DocGeneration automatically customizes and generates documents in seconds by merging document templates with approved data stored in SharePoint, CRM and other enterprise systems.

  • Easily create templates in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, creating data tags and content placeholders
  • Drag and drop data tags into templates and automatically merge or import images, text, tables and entire documents
  • No coding required for templates
  • Centrally store and manage intelligent document templates in SharePoint.

Strategic Partners

Qorus have a structured partner program, and work closely with their partners to engage in joint marketing efforts, it’s strategic partners include Business Network Solutions, OBS, Provoke, SharePoint Frontier and is a proud Microsoft Partner for Gold Application Development and Silver Cloud Platform Competency

Client Testimonials

“Since partnering with Qorus DocGeneration and utilizing their streamlined SharePoint solution we’ve been able help our clients increase productivity and simplify complex reporting, while significantly reducing operational costs associated with automating document generation”
– Bill Moore TRIBRIDGE

“Our partnership with Qorus helps our mutual partners provide a seamless and highly effective document automation solution to their clients, cutting document generation time from days to less than a minute while improving accuracy, consistency of layout and formatting, and overall effectiveness of business documents.” – Dave Marcus, K2

Meet the Key Executive

Ray Meiring, CEO
Ray drives the company to produce the most innovative document creation and collaboration tools on the market. These tools will help thousands of users who create documents like sales proposals, pitch books, contracts and RFPs be more efficient and accurate.

He guides the company’s product development strategies and ensures that Qorus continues to create products that clients want and need, while making sure that the staff is having fun at an awesome place to work. Ray is, proactive, incredibly insightful and passionate about his work. Ray’s integrity, honesty and enthusiasm to engage with customers, no matter what obstacles may be present, demonstrates his professional nature.

“We’re passionate about helping our clients simplify their businesses. We go to great lengths to create solutions that are familiar and easy to use”.