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Revolutionizing Image Recognition and Analysis: Trax


Image recognition is one of the fastest growing fields in technology. So much so, that several corporations have been pouring millions of dollars into research and development of image processing technologies. It has numerous applications in a wide range of industries and can have a major impact on the way people live, shop, seek medical treatment as well as store personal information. A Singaporean company named Trax is one of the industry leaders in image recognition and processing.

Trax is the global leader in computer vision solutions for CPGs and Retailers, ranking in the top 25 Fastest Growing Companies on Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 list. The Trax platform enables tighter execution controls in-store and the ability to leverage competitive insights through their in-store execution tools, market measurement services, and data science to unlock revenue opportunities at all points of sale. In addition to mobile phones and tablets, Trax partners with leading innovators of IoT technologies including fixed cameras, robotics, and more, to capture retail reality in store.

In 2010 Trax introduced a revolutionary new image recognition technology to the consumer goods industry. Our purpose was twofold – to raise awareness of the significance and value of image recognition and to drive greater efficiencies and effectiveness for consumer goods companies. For the first time, sales representatives could receive detailed product and category information including out-of-shelf, the share of shelf, planogram, pricing and promotional compliance and more, all delivered to their mobile phones within minutes in the store. The company is headquartered in Singapore, with offices throughout APAC, Europe, Middle East, North America, and South America. We are proud to include global brands like Coca-Cola, ABInBev, Heineken, Nestle, and Henkel as our clients.

Leveraging Innovative Technology

Trax’s comprehensive range of market-leading technologies developed in-house is what propels it to the top and helps it win a dominating share of the market. Here are some of the cutting-edge innovations that Trax developed.

Advanced Computer Vision

Trax’s core technology is powered by neural networks, game-changing innovation in Computer Vision that excels in detecting objects within shelf images, and classifying these images with unparalleled accuracy. Modeled on the brain’s visual cortex, the company’s deep learning architecture trains itself using vast amounts of shelf image data to recognize fine-grained differences between objects, overcoming challenges like poor light, reflection, background clutter, and partial obstruction.

Since images are taken from multiple viewpoints, Trax designed a stitching engine that mosiacks shelf images and projects them on to a single reference frame. This visual reconstruction produces an optimal 3D structure that solves the problem of duplicate or removed products and represents the actual store shelf.

Store Digitization

The dedicated team of experts at Trax has developed a system that uses geometric techniques to account for the angle and distance from the shelf from which the photo was taken. This results in a digital coordinate database that captures spatial details like size and location of each product on every shelf, even accounting for stacked items. For e.g. the Coca-Cola 600 ml bottle was in bay 4, shelf 2, fourth item from right, at the top of the stack. Using this data, scene-level and session-level calculations like shelf share and OSA are performed.

Augmented Reality

With the latest Apple ARKit introduced in iOS 11, Trax has developed revolutionary new features that put the power of Augmented Reality into the hands of sales reps and store auditors for the first time.

It allows representatives to take retail execution to the next level by leveraging the immersive user experience of AR, alongside Trax’s computer vision, data science, and machine learning technology.

  • Shelf Capture Assistant: In-app image stitching and capture guidance for smarter audits
  • Virtual Ruler: Real-time measurements for improved compliance

The ARKit is an AR framework that enables smartphones and tablets to ‘see’ the environment through a combination of functions, including depth perception, motion tracking, scene understanding, and lighting estimation.

Connected Shopper

Today’s consumer is highly connected at all points of the shopper journey. This connectivity continues in the store, and getting that real-time dialogue with your customer when they are most eager to find relevant product information and recommendations bespoke to their needs, is a mobile moment that cannot be missed. This Trax Smart Shopper is a mobile app concept that could provide shoppers with real-time information on products in the aisle.

Meet the Visionary behind Trax, Joel Bar-El

Joel Bar-El is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Trax. Joel is responsible for Trax’s vision and overall market strategy and execution. Before being named CEO of Trax in October 2011, Joel was Trax’s, Chief Technology Officer.

Prior to Trax, Joel was CEO of Sentryi Limited, a wealth management software company, which after four years of the establishment was sold to IRESS Limited. Joel also co-founded Tersus Software Limited, where he built and managed the global sales channels and marketing activities.

Joel previously served as SunGard Business Integration General Manager for the Asia Pacific and later North America, overseeing complete P&L and execution in those regions.

Joel has a unique ability to envision, develop and deliver paradigm-changing technologies and is in every sense, a tech entrepreneur. He has spent the last 20 years delivering technology solutions to blue-chip clients and holds a B.Sc. in Physics from Tel Aviv University.

“We are committed to delivering a fast, accurate and consistent way for our customers to optimize how their products are executed on the shelf, using our breakthrough computer vision platform.”