50 Most Valuable Brands Of The Year 2018

Shaping the Next Generation Software Development AVASOFT


“Typically our engagements start with a Business consultancy or enterprise assessment that leads to a technology solution that we deliver end to end.”

As the world is witnessing a massive transformation, it is becoming more apparent that time is money, and money is critical to every business. With numerous players coming into the arena, the competition to survive in the industry is getting tougher day by day. So, businesses are looking for the world-class products and solutions to make them stand out in this competitive space.

Some of the ingenious minds, who held high positions in leading companies, saw that several vendors were struggling to meet the client’s expectations. To transmute the industry, AVASOFT was founded in 2009.

Based out of Pennsylvania with offices in Malaysia and India, AVASOFT is a Product and Solutions company offering next-generation products and solutions to transform businesses. The company works with the small, medium & large enterprise customers in delivering solutions in the fields of Machine Learning, Office Automation, Social computing, Security, Enterprise application & B2B integration, Mobile & Cloud computing, Networking in multiple leading platforms like Microsoft, IBM, Dell and AWS.

The company has worked with more than 150 customers and has reached the 10th year with full vigor and continues to provide business value through Products, Solutions and Support. The customer retention percentage has increased over the last couple of years, which is the best testament to the team’s quality of work and business maturity.

Transforming Business by Harnessing Innovation and Efficiency

The company started its journey with a project that required cutting-edge technologies under a tight deadline. And, just like every other new-born company, even AVASOFT had hiccups during its initial days. The company had to face many challenges in freezing the necessary requirements with the client and had to opt for the sprint based delivery model to adhere to the required milestones.

But, Pennsylvania based company was not that weak to be broken;  it dodged every hurdle and completed its first project successfully. Also, the reviews and feedbacks from the customers helped the company to critically review the internal process and enabled AVASOFT to refine its strategy and delivery process. With large set of reusable frameworks and the cost to delivery ratio at its best, AVASOFT has an enviable track record of 100% project success and on time delivery.

AVASOFT’s flagship products, AVAMIGRATRON, Ideation and Policy Management apps continue to add business value to enterprise organizations by cutting the costs by 50% and foster employee contribution towards business.

AVASOFT being a customer-centric firm and with the experience in developing large enterprise products, the company has its own unique WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) approach to delivery, which has been fundamental to the company’s success.

“Our tried and tested support models are based on a judicious blend of next-generation automation and good old support process, which helps to reduce our customer’s TCO year on year.”

The Prime Mantra - All Are Equal

Removing the excess layers of management and improving the coordination and speed of communication between employees, AVASOFT has a flat organizational structure. With an open-door policy where employees can step up to share their feedback with seniors at any level, every feedback is scrutinized and is acknowledged immediately with a proper solution.

The company, with fewer levels of management encourages an easier decision-making process which makes it easier for everyone at AVASOFT to deliver the best-in-class solutions to the customers. The workforce of AVASOFT has always stuck to the principle of 100 percent project delivery and has not deterred from it at any point in time and has ensured the continuity of the same at all stages.

Over the years, the brand value of AVASOFT has increased proportionate to their customer, partner and employee satisfaction. One of the important differentiators is their belief that understanding of business scenarios is the key to providing long term solutions. AVASOFT thrives with never-give-up attitude of THE PEOPLE who were instrumental in the journey, THE PROCESS that aligns people in right path and THE PARTNERS who provide space and opportunity to prosper and grow.

The company is keen on spreading the technical knowledge to IT community by actively participating in forums and providing solutions to complex problems.

The Future Sight

As the world embraces the Cloud as next Go To destination, security plays a vital role and AVASOFT’s Identify and Access Management (IAM) practice gears up with multiple solutions using SailPoint, RSA, CYBERARK, IBM and other leading IAM tools.

AVASOFT will also be launching multiple products with ML & AI capabilities catering to varied industries. State of the art facility for Mobile research, Augmented reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) is on the cards and will focus on AR/MR applications to solve varied business problems.

Greet the Leader

Radhakrishnan RAV, CEO of AVASOFT: Radhakrishnan (RK) has been managing offshore development centers and product development for the past 20 years of his career at premier Indian companies like Satyam, Virtusa, Hexaware and CG Maersk. Before founding AVASOFT, he was working as a Director, managing a large offshore development unit. Under his expert leadership, his unit had witnessed record growth, year on year, covering both revenue and margins. RK has completed his Engineering from Bangalore University.