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The Global Standards For Excellence: Test and verification Solutions


There are numerous types of manufacturers as well as product developers that cater to various industries across the globe. Whether the products are tangible or even if they are software-based, every product requires adequate testing to ensure their optimal functionalities. Any failure in testing, however minute, could result in an unsuccessful product that does not capture the desired market, or worse, attract the ire of customers and affecting the reputation of the company. In light of this, testing is perhaps almost as important as development itself. Test and Verification Solutions (T&VS) is one of the world’s leading corporations in the testing industry.

Customers choose T&VS because of a demonstrated ability to exhibit thought leadership in the verification space. T&VS has a proven track record of delivering to clients for complex verification programs, active industry engagement through conferences and seminars and providing industry-leading verification training programs. T&VS brings improvements to customer verification through a thorough verification process built on experience from the past 25 years. Customers have the flexibility to use the T&VS verification flow (which has been successfully proven at multiple customer locations) or to ask T&VS to follow their own process.

Here are some the industries targeted by T&VS

Automobile Solutions

The dramatic increase in the quantity and complexity of in-vehicle electronics and software places significant demands on system developers looking to keep costs under control while meeting the rigorous reliability, safety and security criteria demanded by the industry. In today’s competitive environment controlling costs is vital but spiraling system complexity is a significant challenge for those involved in automotive safety, verification, and test. So what’s the solution?  

The T&VS automotive verification and test services have been designed to reduce a customer’s development costs and time-to-market by helping them manage system complexity and address the challenges of delivering safe, secure and compliant products.

The T&VS Automotive ‘Subject Matter Experts’ have helped deliver a wide range of test and verification solutions, including:

  • Working on automotive chip major’s first safety verification project
  • Supporting the Reqs Engineering and management of the complete automotive chip verification process
  • Working on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Provided ISO26262 consulting to automotive chip major via T&VS’ ISO26262 Certified Safety Professional
  • Supporting automotive chip major for Secure Car Access Chipset Verification
  • Using the market leader’s equipment for Automotive Test and Measurement

Subsystem Verification

  • Powertrain: Engine Management System (EMS) (Gasoline Direct Injection and Diesel Direct Injection), Hybrid (HEV) and Electric Vehicles (EV) and Battery Management
  • Safety (Active and Passive):  Restraint Systems e.g. Airbag, Electronic Power Steering (EPS), Safety domain control and Sensor Fusion Systems and Suspension Systems
  • Body:  Body domain controller, Gateway and Advanced Body Application
  • Driver Assistance Systems:  Radar Systems (Long / Mid Radar / Short Range) and Camera bases Systems/Laser/Infrared

Secure Car Access

  • Work Areas:  Functional Verification—AES block, FPGA Implementation, Lab Debug and Bring up support
  • Applications:  Automotive NFC, Passive Keyless Entry and Remote Keyless Entry

Automotive Testing

  • Wireless Connectivity, Safety & Driver Aids, Intelligent Transport Systems, In-Vehicle networks, and Electromagnetic Interference

Fintech Testing

FinTech is short for Financial Technologies and is the term used to represent the digitalization of traditional financial services. FinTech technologies are undoubtedly going to disrupt and define how financial services operate in the future. The FinTech model creates several technical challenges for testing and QA.  A typical FinTech startup delivery approach is fast-paced, agile and extremely customer focused.

T&VS are helping FinTech organizations around the world deliver products and services that are reliable, safe, and secure. The company’s consultants are trained to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and coverage of your software testing.


  • Increase quality whilst in parallel reducing the amount of effort and cost spent on managing the testing.
  • Establish good working cooperation between development and test to maximize the benefit of any automation strategy.
  • Automation Centre-Of-Excellence that has enabled T&VS to build a wealth of automation expertise and experience
  • Measurably improve the quality of software by adding independence in the testing process

Healthcare Verification and Testing Services

The opportunities for IT systems to revolutionize healthcare are vast. In the future, increased connectivity between systems, devices, and medical services will create unprecedented quantities of patient data and monitoring capabilities. However, this increased level of connected devices, in turn, raises potential quality, safety, and security issues for the healthcare industry. There have been some very public examples of malware attacks affecting healthcare organizations around the world such as the WannaCry ransomware. It is essential the healthcare industry embraces the benefits of IT but also protects against the increased security and safety risks.

The T&VS Healthcare services are built on a deep understanding of the latest test, verification, and safety methodologies combined with years of practical experience working with customers to deliver critical healthcare systems, covering both hardware and software.

Meet the visionary behind T&VS, Dr. Mike Bartley

Mike Bartley has a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Bristol University, an MSc in Software Engineering and an MBA from the Open University, and over 25 years of experience in software testing and hardware verification. He has built and managed state-of-the-art test and verification teams in a number of companies (including STMicroelectronics, Infineon, and Elixent/Panasonic) who still use the methodologies he established. Since founding TVS he has consulted on multiple verification projects for respected organizations including ARM and Infineon.

Dr. Bartley is currently Chair of the Bristol branch of the British Computer Society and  Chair of the High Tech Sector Group of the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and is a Technical Advisor to the National Microelectronics Institute (NMI).  He has had over 20 articles published on the subject of verification and outsourcing.

“Organizations developing complex systems use T&VS to test and verify their hardware and software products to make sure they are reliable, safe and secure.”