50 Leading Companies of the Year 2018

The Leaders in Cloud-Based Supply Chain Risk Management: Avetta

thesiliconreview-john-herr-ceo-avetta-18Founded in 2003, Avetta works to provide a cloud-based software solution that enables clients to properly vet their contractors and suppliers in real time, so as to avoid costly workplace incidents that result in brand damage, costly litigation, and settlements. Avetta’s supply chain management solution removes administrative overhead and reduces the burden of qualifying, managing, and monitoring contractors and suppliers.

The company is headquartered in Orem, Utah and operates in over 100 countries.

Why go for Avetta?

One reason to consider Avetta is that the company takes customer service very seriously. It understands that many of their suppliers and contractors don’t have access to the latest and greatest in technology. As such, the company has invested in customer service so it can help these people get maximum value out of its service. Through the years, Avetta has learned the value of innovating and updating its products and services through an “outside-in vs. inside-out” approach. It has adopted the spirit of “co-innovating” with its customers. Avetta’s customers have very much played a role in helping the company define product direction from the ideation stage to implementation.

Pioneers in Customer Service

Avetta is known for their huge clientele and motto to provide an excellent customer experience.

As per the company’s agenda, one should listen to their customers and be aware of the trends in the marketplace. By listening to them, and engaging and co-innovating with them, a company can achieve the success it desires. Avetta serves the following domain:

Supply Chain: Avetta’s supply chain management software helps businesses identify and mitigate risk within their supply chains through contractor prequalification, document management, auditing, employee-level qualification and training, insurance verification, and business intelligence.

Risk Management: Avetta helps the world’s leading organizations identify and manage risk in their supply chains. Where there are gaps in safety, Avetta works with contractors to help them reach the highest standards

Procurement: The cloud-based technology and expert insight help procurement teams cost-effectively improve processes, mitigate risk, and promote sustainable business growth.

Health and Safety: Avetta helps the world’s leading organizations proactively manage health and safety in their supply chains.

Compliance: The company offers cloud-based technology and expert insights which simplify contractual supply chain compliance.

Services offerings

Supplier Prequalification and Document Management: In order to keep the supply chain safe and sustainable, it requires collecting large amounts of documentation, verifying the information, and constantly following up with multiple suppliers. Avetta’s document management service lifts the prequalification burden prevalent in many supply chain systems. Avetta’s seasoned professionals do the heavy lifting, and findings are presented in an easy-to-use SaaS-based platform for better procurement decisions.

Supplier Auditing: Avetta ensures safe and sustainable supplier business practices with qualified 3rd party auditors. This flexible, supplier-auditing service gives clients a first-hand view of how their suppliers execute safety and sustainability procedures for a more complete picture of their performance.

Insurance Verification: Avetta protects both its clients and its suppliers by verifying the coverage and scope of insurance plans. This service is a safeguard if an incident does occur, and ensures that the company

Supplier Employee Qualifications and Training: Avetta makes it easy to verify individual employees’ qualifications and provide online training for faster induction. Through their employee resources, they provide the clients with the greatest return on their outsourcing investment and significantly reduce risk by ensuring only the right people perform critical job functions.

Reporting and Analytics: When it comes to ensuring business continuity from the supply chain, decisions need to be made quickly. Avetta Analytics puts its clients in the driver’s seat and empowers them to get answers to their most pressing supply chain questions. With Avetta, clients make data-driven decisions with confidence by getting the insights they need in the moment that they need them.

System Integration: Avetta’s easy-to-use integration makes communication across clients’ systems a breeze and empowers them to make better decisions.

The Success Mantra

Avetta has a global footprint throughout the world. The company’s success mantra lies in its expertise in the customer’s experience. Avetta goes to great expense to hear from its customers and to innovate for their needs.

For instance, the current iteration of its product is the direct result of co-innovating with its customers to deliver the product that they wanted. In November 2018, Avetta launched a new benefit for their clients called the Marketplace. There, Avetta’s clients receive discounts on products and services they often currently use. There’s no cost to join. Instead, companies get instant access to the discounts and deals simply by signing into their account. There is a direct pipeline and flow of information from customer service to product management driving the innovations.

Another way Avetta makes an extensive effort to engage with its customers on a local basis is through its “regional summit” events. These summit events include training and networking opportunities to interact with other customers and Avetta employees from senior executives and beyond. When it comes to Avetta, the customer experience is always at the front of company developments.

Meet the Dynamic Leader

John Herr, Chief Executive Officer: John’s focus includes expanding the company’s SaaS-based enterprise software platform, nurturing strategic partnerships, accelerating global expansion, and bringing to market the company’s innovative marketplace solution, which connects the world’s leading organizations with qualified suppliers. John brings more than 20 years of executive leadership experience in the cloud software, Internet businesses, global marketplaces, and financial services sectors. He leads Avetta with a rich history of scaling growth-stage companies into large enterprises. John is a graduate of Harvard Business School where he earned his MBA; he also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Harvard University.

“We work for building the connections that build the world.”

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