SR 20 fastest Growing Security Companies 2016

The World’s Leading Provider of Out-of-Band & Two Factor Authentication, Keystroke Encryption and Mobile Security: StrikeForce Technologies, Inc.


“We’re a business. The data’s so precious. If we give information to anybody, it will be a disaster.” – Jack Ma

Headquartered in Edison, NJ, USA, StrikeForce
Technologies, Inc. provides a suite of online products that help prevent cybertheft and data breaches by protecting customers, employees and partners in real time at every vulnerable point. Its products prevent fraud during account creation, account access, transactions and changes, and transaction verification, saving businesses millions of dollars, offering new levels of customer protection, and strengthening their brand names.

StrikeForce is currently positioned very well with its high security applications. The ProtectID authentication product is now in vogue and used across industries, especially with the three patents for Out-of-Band authentication. It is used by banks, legal firms, healthcare, and others wishing to have their websites protected from regular hackers. The GuardedID products (keystroke encryption) work well on PC’s and MAC’s to protect the consumer and enterprise user from having their keystrokes stolen, which is the most used type of malware in today’s market. Also,the MobileTrust product is for all Apple and Android devices and is also protected with keystroke encryption patents. Many larger firms with key applications and major websites are positioning to use these products.

Standing Tall amongst Peers
What makes StrikeForce’s products different and better than its competition is that it has the only authentication capability (ProtectID) that has tokens, Out-of-Band and Biometric methods all in the same software, with the capability of adding other methods real-time.It also owns three patents with ProtectID, that has already been used to our benefit. With GuardedID, the company also owns three keystroke encryption patents that also applies to MobileTrust Apple and Android devices, which is the only application that provides for keystroke encryption through its virtual keyboard.

Securing millions of users worldwideStrikeForce’s product offerings secure millions of users worldwide. They are as follows:

ProtectID® – is designed to deliver affordable flexible & redundant authentication for Banks, Corporations, Universities, Government agencies & Social Networking Websites. ProtectID can be managed on-premise or via the company’s hosted cloud service.

GuardedID® – protects customers by encrypting their keystrokes when they bank, shop and email online. GuardedID’s Premium version will also protect their desktop applications such as MS Office, VPN clients & IM programs.

Mobile Trust ® – is the most advanced security suite for Apple & Android mobile devices, protecting user credentials, passwords, online transactions and access to corporate networks. The MobileTrust bundle includes six of the most powerful must-have security features.

Territory of Clientele
The company protects all critical segments like Healthcare, Banking, Technology and Legal. It has a couple of clients across ProtectID and GuardedID and just started across MobileTrust.

StrikeForce is a US based company with some sales across the globe in Europe and Asia. All of its products were developed in the East Coast and have been around since 2001.

The Road Ahead
The company’s current and future focus is to grow its client base with distributors that are known to all in the enterprise and retail space.

Knowing the Masters
Mark L. Kay, Chairman and CEO
Mark joined StrikeForce Technologies in May 2003. Previously, he was an established leader, CIO and Managing Director at JPMorganChase over the past 25 years. During his employment at JPMC, he led strategic and corporate business groups with global teams up to 1000 people. His responsibilities also included Chief Operating Officer and Global Technology Auditor during his tenure. His business concentrations were Securities (Fixed Income and Equities), Proprietary Trading & Treasury, Global Custody Services, Audit, Cash Management (including Money Transfer and Demand Deposit), Corporate Business Services and Web Services. Prior to JPMC, Mark was a Systems Engineer at Electronic Data Services (EDS) for over five years, where he developed his technical and people skills. He holds a B.A. in Mathematics from CUNY.

George Waller, Executive Vice President
George is a founder and the prior CEO of the company for which his strong leadership, sales and technology experience positioned him well. Previously he was a VP at Connexus Corporation, a software integrator. He successfully managed several software integration firms such as TeachMeIT, Incubation Systems and Health SCOUT.

Ram Pemmaraju, CTO
Ram is one of the original founders and the inventor of the ProtectID product. Ram has several years experience in security systems and telecommunications. His prior job was at Coreon, where he developed OSS systems for DSL carriers. Ram was the founder and Chief Engineer of Digitech Telecommunications, a Network Security systems company that manufactured data encryptors, callback systems, access control and voice scramblers. He was employed at Computer Sciences Corporation, Synergy Systems, Bellcore and Bell Labs amongst other technology companies typically as a chief, design and/or software engineer. Ram has an M.S.E.E from Rutgers University and a B.E. from Stevens Tech.

“Our research team is constantly looking for new ways to improve security such as patents awarded for Keystroke Encryption on PC, Mac, and Mobile devices.”

“We have the only authentication capability (ProtectID®) that has tokens, Out-of-Band and Biometric methods all in the same software, with the capability of adding other methods real-time.”