Super 30 Companies of the Year 2019

Tomizone, a North Sydney-based WiFi Software Company, Powers In-Venue Digital Experiences that Drive Consumer Engagement and Revenue


“With Lightswitch®, Tomizone keeps enterprises up to date with best-practice engagement and return on investment.”

Buying services is no longer a matter of decisions that stand independently, like buying technology or products. In the past, many companies had the misconception that services are ‘one and done’ or that they could be built and then be fine or at least fine for three or four years. But that’s not the case. Services are more of a journey – long-term commitments whose nature constantly evolves over time. It’s crucial that companies recognize this fact and that they rethink how they buy and manage services today. Why? Because the digital economy requires integrating more services into offerings, and they are becoming more integral to a company’s value proposition to customers and stakeholders.

In light of the foregoing, we’re thrilled to present Tomizone.

Tomizone provides managed services and other technology related management services primarily in Australia and New Zealand. It offers WiFi and analytics, business cloud applications, voice over Internet protocol, data redundancy, and business security services. The company provides WiFi solutions for venues and enterprises; Moving WiFi, a WiFi solution for passengers on moving transport; and Tomizone Lightswitch, a dashboard that provides insights of consumer behavior, as well as delivers central control of an enterprise network at various scales. It also provides ICT solutions, such as telephony, email, hosted desktop and applications, data backup and security, infrastructure, WAN, and Office 365 solutions.

In addition, the company offers security solutions, including alarm and CCTV systems, access control, remote monitoring, and security guard and patrol management services; and point of sale (POS) solutions, such as dynamic signage, retail and hospitality POS systems, EFTPOS terminals, and peripherals and industry accessories. It offers its solutions for the accommodation, healthcare, hospitality, professional services, retail, and stadium and venue markets.

Tomizone Limited was incorporated in 2006 and is headquartered in North Sydney, Australia.

Tomizone: Synopsis


Founded in 2006, Tomizone has been lauded as one of the fastest growing companies in the APAC region and has featured in the Deloitte Fast50 multiple times, as well as the Deloitte Tech500 for Asia Pacific.

As the premier provider of connectivity, analytics, monetisation and location-based services to enterprises and public venues, the company has seen its client base consistently grow, and its footprint expand into new industries and regions year-on-year.

In 2017,Tomizone enhanced its core service offering to become a full-scale managed services provider, catering for diverse industry technology requirements. Its enterprise experience in communications, hardware, networking and analytics made this a very natural progression.

Solutions that Make Tomizone Stand Out

WIFI and Marketing –

Venue WiFi: Good decisions are made on good data, not hunches or intuition. The more you know about your customers, the better you can advertise to them with precision.

With Tomizone Venue WiFi, keep track of who your customers are, how often they visit and what they are worth to your business. Use those insights to send highly targeted promotions to ensure they keep coming back, time and time again.

Upload your logo; choose your colour scheme and post specials, promotions and messages to engage your customer base whenever they’re in your venue.

Tomizone’s extensive network of advertisers can even serve relevant promotions to customers inside your venue via WiFi, earning you money every time they engage.

Enterprise WiFi: Enterprises realise the importance and opportunity in engaging consumers with WiFi, but managing the Public WiFi experience – particularly in high volume locations – is challenging and outside the competence of IT departments in most organisations.

When deploying public WiFi, planning, design, installation, hardware, software platform, user experience, advertising and reporting, data security and analytics are just some of the considerations.

Tomizone’sculture and experience give it a competitive advantage that creates significant uplift in the return on investment.

Moving WIFI: Tomizone’srobust WiFi solutions provide outstanding, reliable WiFi service to passengers on moving transport. 4G connectivity and dynamic bandwidth management enable your passengers to experience an impressive (and essential) value-add service that requires no maintenance on your end.

Entire fleets can be quickly deployed cost-effectively, and our experience is based on many years servicing partners including Sydney Ferries, Firefly Express, Auckland Transport and Kiwirail.

Buses, trains, trams and even ferries can offer guest WiFi and take advantage of the company’s cloud platform to provide fleet management WiFi analytics.

Tomizone Lightswitch®: Tomizone’sLightswitch® Dashboard provides detailed insights of consumer behaviour, and delivers central control of an enterprise network at any scale.

Lightswitch® enables Tomizone to partner with any organisation that has a Customer Relationship across the WiFi ecosystem, to design, manage and install networks. Where it makes strategic sense, the company can engage directly on an end-to-end deployment.

With Lightswitch®, Tomizone keeps enterprises up to date with best-practice engagement and return on investment.

There are other solutions Tomizone provide:

Managed ICT/ISP: Office 365 & Email, Hosted Desktop & Apps, Data Security, Infrastructure & WAN

Unified Communications: TomiTalk Business, TomiTalk Residential, Avaya IP Office, Avaya Support

Security: Alarm Systems, CCTV Systems, Access Control, Remote Monitoring

Point of Sale: Dynamic Signage, Retail POS, Hospitality POS, EFTPOS

Digital Advertising: For Venues, For Advertisers

John Seton | Chairman

John is an Auckland-based solicitor with extensive business experience in technology, mining, wine and investment companies with both listed and private directorships and chairmanships, including ASX, NZX and TSX listed entities. A Chartered Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Directors, John is experienced in corporate asset acquisitions and divestments, transaction negotiations, fundraising, and steering businesses to significant growth.

“As the premier provider of connectivity, analytics, monetisation and location-based services to enterprises and public venues, Tomizone has seen its client base consistently grow, and its footprint expand into new industries and regions year-on-year.”