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Uviraj– India’s Most Trusted PPE Manufacturer: ‘We Constantly Strive to Create Products that Will Stimulate the Customer’s Senses to Bring about Trust and Belief Each Time the Product is Used’


“Uviraj plans to continue to provide the market with reliable quality products by making full use of its core resources.”

Manufacturing safety is important to prevent or lessen the risk of workplace injury, illness and death.

The industry is a catch-all term to describe many different fields and companies, encompassing everything from battery manufacturing to the plastics industry. Manufacturing businesses may have vastly different operational practices and unique safety risks. Some businesses even have specific Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards and compliance regulations. The industry might also have specific hazards due to weather conditions such as extreme cold or heat.

Despite these differences, manufacturing businesses are plagued by common risks when trying to manage workplace incidents.

In light of the foregoing, we’re thrilled to present Uviraj Global Private Limited.

Uviraj excels in manufacturing and leads from the front. It’s a name to rely on in ‘Safety’ across the world. Numerous Corporations have trusted Uviraj’s brands and have helped it grow into what it is today.

The company was incorporated in 2010 and is headquartered in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Synopsis: Uviraj Global Private Limited

Rewind: Taking Flight

At the age of 45, when other people start to plan their retirement, Rajiv Kohli was destined to start all over again. A sudden turn of events left Rajiv with nothing but his immediate loving family of a wife and two teen-aged sons, his two-decade old experience of running a successful business and his priceless and well-earned goodwill in the market through his sincerity and honesty.

Starting from scratch, with only a few thousand rupees in his pocket, Rajiv geared up himself to materialize his dreams into reality and he had to do this at a faster pace than he would have done otherwise. Thus, the Uviraj family was born in 2010 with its first establishment on a very small plot measuring 1,000m only. Fall protection equipment was manufactured here and its brand, Viraj safety first, rapidly gained its reputation worldwide. Within two years, cargo lifting slings and ratchet lashings were introduced as another diversified product range under the brand Kargolift that gave tough competition to the already existing brands in the Indian market. Though ecstatic with success, Rajiv was not to stop here. He spread his wings wider for a higher flight and launched the foot protection brand to manufacture Safety Footwear under the brand name, Alpha Gripp.

In the journey of only 9 years, the company has grown from 5 employees and 1000m production setup to a manufacturing area of over 100,000 square feet.

‘Hume Parvah Hai’, meaning ‘We Care’ is an aggressive campaign run by Uviraj to promote the use of health and safety equipments to the workforce of India. The tagline is making headlines among the industry and the brand is gaining immense popularity among the stakeholders.

Elements: That Make Uviraj Global Stand Out From the Competition

Uviraj aims at manufacturing products to not only conform to the world’s safety standards but also that the customers perceive something of great intrinsic value when they use it. The company constantly strives to create products that will stimulate the customer’s senses to bring about trust and belief each time the product is used.

This would be achieved by having the strength of the three combined effects; meeting the needs of the marketplace, advanced technology, and highest-quality materials.

Uviraj plans to continue to provide the market with reliable quality products by making full use of its core resources. The company’s success is validated when the end-users use the product and “achieve the highest sense of satisfaction proving the same by demanding Uviraj repeatedly.”

Uviraj is solely responsible for planning, development, manufacturing and supplying of Personal Protective Equipment, and is considered as one of the only few manufacturers of its kind in India.

Uviraj: Brands and Company Divisions

Viraj Safety First: Viraj Safety First, the Fall Protection arm of Uviraj, is one of India’s leading manufacturers of fall protection products supplying to numerous industries across the world. The complete range of Viraj Safety First products are certified as per the European (EN) and Indian standards (BIS) accredited by globally notified bodies and are marked with the prestigious CE and IS certification. The workforce constantly strive for excellence in production techniques and quality control and believe in the ideology of ultimate customer satisfaction held accountable at all stages.

The range of products offered is:

  • Safety Harnesses and Body Belts
  • Work Positioning System
  • Lanyards
  • Hooks and Connectors
  • Anchorages
  • Temporary Anchorage Lines
  • Rescue and Descent Equipment
  • Fall Protection Kits

Alpha Gripp: Alpha Gripp, a brand of Foot Protection products, is one of its kinds in the Indian Safety Footwear Industry which manufactures shoes that are completely Leather and Metal-Free making them the lightest and most comfortable in the market amongst its competitors. The safety shoes are manufactured using the highest quality Italian microfiber that provides much better durability and breathability than natural leather and offers extreme tear and abrasion resistance. The composite midsole and toecaps instead of steel makes Alpha Gripp’s safety shoes the lightest in the market without compromising on safety.

The brand’s utmost priority is safety while keeping up with the trends of its fast-paced lifestyle and giving the products a smart and sleek edge. The emphasis is on improving the quality of its products constantly, and also, on maintaining the right pricing to meet the customer’s expectations and requirements.

The range of products offered is:

  • Safety Shoes
  • Safety Boots
  • Occupational Footwear
  • Defense Footwear

Kargolift: Kargolift is a brand well-established for cargo handling and lifting requirements. The products are strong, durable and made up of 100 percent Polyester yarn. All the products conform to the required standards with the safety factor of either 5:1, 6:1 or 7:1 as per the user’s requirement.

The company caters to the customers’ needs with precision, thus providing complete satisfaction at all stages.

The range of products offered is:

  • Cargo Lifting Slings
  • Ratchet Lashings
  • Cargo Nets

“Uviraj is solely responsible for planning, development, manufacturing and supplying of Personal Protective Equipment, and is considered as one of the only few manufacturers of its kind in India.”