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“We provide a scientific collaborative environment for advanced biological, chemical and materials experiences that help science- and process-driven companies develop better”: BIOVIA


“Using our technology, scientific innovators can access, organize, analyze and share data in unprecedented ways.”

As the basis of BIOVIA’s server- and cloud-based offerings, the BIOVIA Foundation provides an open, scientifically aware, service-oriented architecture that allows organizations to integrate and deploy broad scientific solutions spanning collaborative science, unified lab management, process production operations and quality/regulatory management.


Solutions Consulting

From the moment you become a customer, our number one priority is helping you achieve your goals and maximizing your investment in our solutions.   Our services are designed to meet your needs over the lifetime of your relationship with BIOVIA.

With experience in Life Sciences, Chemical, Energy, Personal Care Products, Food Products, Manufacturing, Materials and other industries, BIOVIA Solutions Consulting provides customers with top quality consulting services to help ensure success with the adoption and use of our products.

The BIOVIA Solutions Consulting team includes experts across a broad range of scientific disciplines, as well as experienced scientific computing, IT integration, and project management consultants who are available for engagements worldwide.  In addition, our growing network of partners provides an expanded “virtual team” of BIOVIA consultants for any job.

BIOVIA Solutions Consulting will help you:

  • Install and configure BIOVIA solutions so that you achieve maximum benefit
  • Manage data migration to ensure successful deployment
  • Create cross-functional, streamlined enterprise solutions
  • Get started with an initial set of working Pipeline Pilot protocols for your specific needs
  • Integrate BIOVIA offerings with existing systems or solutions from other vendors
  • Enhance product expertise by bringing an BIOVIA expert in house

BIOVIA Management Consulting

BIOVIA Management Consulting (BMC) provides unique services for customers in the science-based industries supporting strategies to transform Research, Development and Manufacturing workflows into integrated innovative processes.

The transformational approach consists of the following phases: the analysis of the current state, the definition of the ideal future state, the recommendation of suitable solutions and the implementation aligned with the overall business objectives.

Within the analysis phase BMC identifies performance gaps and non-value added steps in the current scenario. This is done through the “Multi-Moment Analysis”, an interactive real-time method. Based on the results, industry best practices and the specific customer needs a new optimized state will be defined.

The resulting business case, including the to-be-process, requirements and organization drive selection of best-fit products and services in the market. BMC guides this selection process for optimal outcome for the customer.

BMC, the most experienced solution partner of the industry, will lead the transformation to achieve business excellence.

Partnering with BMC will allow customers to identify areas to reduce costs, improve quality and drive innovation to ultimately be more competitive in today’s industry.

This breadth of expertise enables customers to move towards the Paperless Lab with the following benefits:

  • Increase lab productivity and efficiency by more than 30%
  • Lower risk while improving quality, compliance and data consistency
  • Improve laboratory data management
  • Increase profitability on a sustainable basis
  • Reduce development time and improve collaboration
  • Deploy consistent processes throughout the organization
  • Reduce IT complexity

BIOVIA Education

BIOVIA offers structured training materials with extensive examples and exercises that are designed to maximize practical skills and be put to use immediately. A range of training workshops and delivery methods are available so you can choose a training format that best meets your needs.

Read more below and view the training course catalogs offered in the following areas:

Discovery Studio

Materials Studio

BIOVIA Workbook

Pipeline Pilot

BIOVIA Discoverant


Accelerate Innovation and Drive Quality with Integrated Compliant Solutions

The life science industry has changed significantly over the past ten years. With a view to developing new, more effective treatments, industry leaders are exploring new therapeutic areas and approaches like biologics and precision medicine. Generics and biosimilars offer new therapeutic options with the potential for cost savings. Leaders are moving beyond the traditional "one drug fits all" strategy to provide personalized value to patients.

The Drive toward Operational Excellence

In the face of mounting price pressures, shrinking margins, increasing externalization and continuously evolving quality/regulatory requirements, agile operational excellence is the key to unlocking game-changing therapeutic innovations.

  • 50%of multinational companies have established improvement initiatives
  • 60%of R&D spend goes to external partners
  • 92%of CEOs plan to use technology to assess and deliver on stakeholder expectations

Disconnected data silos and paper-based laboratory processes keep scientists from doing science. Streamlining and automating these processes in a data-driven culture allows for stronger, evidence-based decisions about high-quality candidates earlier in the R&D pipeline.

  • Over 50%of executives believe analyzing data takes too long
  • 40%of all R&D experiments are needlessly repeated
  • 30%of sales revenue is lost due to poor process efficiency and product quality

Greet the ace: Max Carnecchia, Chief Executive Officer

Max Carnecchia is the Chief Executive Officer of BIOVIA‐Dassault Systèmes. After acquiring Accelrys in 2014, Dassault Systèmes announced the creation of the BIOVIA brand combining Dassault Systèmes’ own efforts in BioIntelligence, their collaborative 3DEXPERIENCE technologies and leading life sciences and materials science solutions from Accelrys. Prior to this, Mr. Carnecchia had served as President and CEO of Accelrys and a member of the Board of Directors since 2009. Mr. Carnecchia led Accelrys through significant growth and transformation, successfully transitioning the company to the leading global provider of Scientific Product Lifecycle Management software and services.

We specialize in Research Informatics, Lab Informatics, Operations Intelligence, Environmental Health & Safety, Enterprise Quality Management, Modeling & Simulation, Electronic.”