SR 20 Fastest Growing Big Data Companies 2016

The time for Smart Data has finally arrived: Cambridge Semantics Inc.

With a belief that Semantic Web technologies are uniquely suited to solve the problems arising out of unstructured data, Cambridge Semantics Inc offers solutions that include a variety of Smart Data Analytics and Management solutions such as Customer 360, Voice of Customer, Clinical Trial Investigation, Competitive Intelligence and Smart Data Lakes for enterprise wide analytics.

In the 90s, the Advanced Internet Technologies Group was legendary at IBM. But in 2002, Sean Martin and others in IBM’s Advanced Internet Technology Group in Cambridge, MA along with cancer researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and the National Cancer Institute started experimenting with Semantic Web technologies to figure out possible applications for creating superior enterprise middleware and facilitating next generation drug research and collaboration.

Five years down the line, when the research gained momentum in 2007, Sean left IBM to co-found Cambridge Semantics along with his brother and also former-IBMer Simon together, serial entrepreneur Emmett Eldred and another former IBM’er Lee Feigenbaum.

Over the next three years, the team expanded and created Anzo, a platform for building unified information solutions based on a set of open data standards implemented using Semantic Web Technologies.

Leaders in the Big Data Discovery, Analytics and Smart Data Management space
From firms in the Life Sciences/Pharmaceuticals domain to companies in the Financial Services Space, Cambridge Semantics serves the needs of clientele who face some of the most complex data problems in the industry. Combining scalable graph-based database technology with its proven Anzo Smart Data Platform™ and Anzo Smart Data Lake that goes beyond the rigid relational data warehouse and the unwieldy Hadoop only Data Lake; disrupting the way IT and business alike manage and analyze data at enterprise scale with unprecedented flexibility, insight and speed, Cambridge Semantics Inc’s offerings provides clients with cutting edge advantages.

“After playing with the technology for a few years at IBM, we knew intimately what its strengths and weaknesses were and knew it was simply revolutionary. We were building applications that were more fluid than anything we had seen, literally having to invent new ways to create interfaces on the fly based on changing data and changing user contexts. Very few people had tried anything like that before”, said Sean. In the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Financial Services sectors, several dollars are at stake for those firms who are unable to effectively manage risk and compliance to catch wrong doing early. For compliance officers and analysts, identifying and exploring these relationships are a crucial component of understanding what, how, why and when information is shared and whether it is compliant or not. And the regulations for compliance are a moving target making flexibility and ad hoc analytics an essential feature of any solution.

Using an Anzo Smart Data Lake, Cambridge Semantics and its partners have developed an investigative approach based on combining disparate data sources in an interactive model that allows compliance offers to investigate for compliance violations. It gives the opportunity to link Account activity, web logs, email, phone archives, IM communications and other sources to uncover potential violations of regulatory requirements as well as internal policies and procedures violations. Should regulations change, compliance workers can quickly change the point of attack within the data, without Rebuilding. Additionally, it also puts forth opportunities to combine internal and external data of all formats to support strategic decisions around licensing IP, partnering and running clinical trials, it results in large and diverse data sources that rely on accurate linkages using deep taxonomies.

Get acquainted with the Smart Advantages

  • An unlimited enterprise graph so all enterprise users can “surf” and query all their data intuitively and without specialized data analytics knowledge
  • A semantic data model that easily captures and delivers the “meaning” of data with all the inherent, relationships and attributes
  • Ad hoc data discovery and analytic tools so business users in any department can get answers to questions, as well as, generate questions they didn’t think to ask before
  • Democratized Big Data, so essentially everyone can now discover and analyze all the data – applying governance, security and flexible policies
  • A rapidly deployable platform to integrate with existing Hadoop or other Data Lake environments or start from the ground up
  • Linked and contextualized data, so users are now able to self-help and combine data as needed to support business functions

Meet the Key Executives of The Smart Data Company

Sean Martin
Having been on the leading edge of Internet technology innovation since the early nineties, Sean’s greatest strength has been the identification and pioneering of next generation software & networking technologies and techniques. Prior to founding Cambridge Semantics, he spent fifteen years with IBM Corporation. Whilst still at IBM Sean became increasingly interested in the practical application of semantic technology standards to enterprise software and data. He realized that Semantic Technologies, Enterprise Knowledge Graphs and Smart Data not only offered fresh approaches to solving data integration, application development and communication problems that he had previously found extremely difficult, but they also presented the opportunity to pioneer Big Data solutions that have never before been attempted. His move from IBM to found Cambridge Semantics in 2007 is a huge vote of confidence that the time for Smart Data has arrived. He has written numerous patents and has authored a number of peer reviewed Life Sciences journal articles.

Chuck Pieper: CEO
Prior to joining Cambridge Semantics, Charles Pieper has held executive positions at Alternative Investments, Credit Suisse, General Electric (GE), Boston Consulting Group, Smart Energy Solutions, China Renaissance Capital Investment, the US National Rowing Foundation, Gulf Capital and other private industry and in private equity firms. He received a B.A. from Harvard College in 1969 and an M.B.A. with distinction from the Harvard Business School in 1978.

Alok Prasad: President
As President, Alok brings 25+ years of technology and business experience in building emerging companies and market-facing operations in large corporations. He also leads the company’s Business Development and Channels. In 2000, he co-founded Beacon Photonics, a venture capital fund with Boston University and the Wall Street firm Globalvest. Prior to Beacon, he held noteworthy positions at PRTM, COBA-M.I.D (later acquired by Renaissance Worldwide and renamed Adventis). He received his MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, an MS from Auburn University and a B.Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India.

“We are enjoying over 100% growth on average over the last several years.  Our challenge is to continue to offer the same level of  care to all of our clients….happily with 100% renewal rate we are meeting that challenge.”