GZU associates with the Indian expert on big data analytics

GZU associates with the Indian expert on big data analytics
The Siliconreview
06 April, 2017

The GREAT Zimbabwe University (GZU) is all set to host a week-long Indian data analytics expert boot camp with an aim to assist local academics and industry players analyze data in organizations to help out their expansion and make profits.

The camp will be graced by Indian expert Sai Kumar at the University of Zimbabwe-based Zimbabwe Centre for High Performance Computing, allowing 32 participants drawn from academics and industry. They are being introduced to Hadoop World software in computing and analyzing data to come up with solutions and new hidden results that will help the organizations grow.

“In today’s world, data is becoming more complex and very different and some of the data may look like it has no value, but if you look at it closely you can make new findings and meanings,” Kumar said.

Big data analytics is widely used in dealings by banks and analysis in other institutions on reading the data to come up with consequences that could be concealed. It also helps in analyzing the data and aid organizations to produce and make profits.”

According to the experts, Hadoop World is the second big data software after Google File System (GFS or GoogleFS), a proprietary distributed file system made by Google to supply well-organized, dependable access to data using huge bunch of commodity hardware.

Rungano Zvobgo, GZU vice-chancellor, in a speech examined on his behalf, by pro-vice chancellor Andrew Chindanya, said the college was thrilled about the partnership that would advance brilliance in the teaching of languages.

“My remarks will shine the spotlight on areas of application of big data analytics in arts, culture and heritage studies. You may recall, GZU, consistent with its mandate, has been asked by the government of Zimbabwe through the Primary and Secondary Education ministry to train teachers to teach all the 16 officials languages listed in the Constitution,” Zvobgo said.

Other than other functions, Hadoop World will mainly aid in the stipulation of the software and back-up systems for the period of the programme that is getting monetary hold up from international donors.