Relaunching the MiX ReportMyDriving programme to ensure safety while driving

Relaunching the MiX ReportMyDriving programme to ensure safety while driving
The Siliconreview
25 July, 2017

Fleet management can be well described as a function which allows those companies which rely on transportation in business to eliminate the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation costs. Ensuring safety is the first priority when it comes to such companies and Fleet management company MiX Telematics is no different. The company has already come up with a revision of their existing technology called ReportMyDriving which can assist in reducing the havocs associated with reckless driving by irresponsible drivers. It offers a way to directly connect with the management when someone witnesses a careless driving. People who watch such events can report them to MiX authorized people by calling the number on the decal attached to the vehicle.

This technology is expected to reduce the chances of accidents and other problems related with the fleet management and the driving. There is a tendency among the drivers to violate traffic laws by driving recklessly and that can endanger the lives of people around them.  But the MiX trained agents can enquire with the fleet managing company once they come across any complaints. Using data from the telematics system and in-cab video enables MiX to offer on-site training for customers by showing them examples of good and bad driving patterns and how to improve on them. Also MiX Telematics do not abandon the drivers as well, rather they have a track-and-react department, which is a 24/7 operation to communicate with drivers who are off route or to check on their safety. Thus helping both drivers and the people around them.