Electric cars driving on the rough track of hindrances

Electric cars driving on the rough track of hindrances
The Siliconreview
08 November, 2017

Since a couple of years, electric cars have been the talk of the town. However it is sad to note that they have not swept into the automobile market as much as they were expected to. This may be attributed to the average American car buyer. Supporting this statement is the fact that out of car buying 16 million unique users, less than 5 percent of the searches are for electric or hybrid vehicles. The hybrid Toyota Prius was introduced in 1997 and several competitors have since emerged, but hybrid cars have never accounted for much more than 3 percent of the total auto sales. Infact sales have fluctuated over time, sometimes moving up and down the gasoline prices. Car buyers don’t see hybrid and electric vehicles as providing the right solutions for their wants and needs, even though the vehicles often can.

To cope up with this, more consumer-friendly incentives could go a long way towards boosting sales. One potential solution is redesigning incentives so they go to the customers who would most likely need them to justify the purchase target the mid-range or budget-conscious buyer. With battery costs expected to drop over the coming years, a day may soon approach when electric cars will be less expensive as compared to internal combustion engines. With more and more measures to make the process of buying electric cars simpler for buyers and put money back in their pockets right away, the day is not far when electric cars will be seen plying on our roads as frequently as normal internal combustion engine cars.