Hybrid cloud is the future of Nutanix, says CEO Dheeraj Pandey

Hybrid cloud is the future of Nutanix, says CEO Dheeraj Pandey
The Siliconreview
09 November, 2017

As the world’s most advanced enterprise datacenters rely on Nutanix Enterprise cloud to run their mission critical workloads, Nutanix is rolling out enhancements to its virtualization technology . The company is planning to build object storage into Enterprise Cloud Operating System. Nutanix simplifies datacenter infrastructure by integrating server, storage, networking and virtualization resources into a turnkey hyper converged solution that runs any application at any scale and can be deployed in less than 60 minutes. With Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3-compatible application program interface (API), it assists customers in developing and running apps just the same way as in AWS.

Nutanix also formally announced that its Enterprise Cloud OS software will run on Intel's new Skylake CPU architecture. Nutanix is already breaking the barriers as a hyper converged infrastructure vendor and is emerging as a full-fledged cloud stack. The company offers services similar to that of a public cloud, but in a private cloud context. The new service would also mean Nutanix can provide file, block, and object storage, which is the preferred storage option for big data, analytics, large-scale Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and other emerging applications that use unstructured data. The new services include compute, and integrated application management services along with object storage.