Custom Wear OS Smartwatches for FIFA World 2018

Custom Wear OS Smartwatches for FIFA World 2018
The Siliconreview
26 March, 2018

Swiss luxury watchmaker, Hublot has recently announced its first ever smartwatch powered by Wear OS. And to add a cherry on top of the cake, Hublot has made this special edition watch the official timepiece at this year’s FIFA World Cup.

The company has named the watch as Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. As of now, Hublot’s plan is to produce only 2,018 consumer-level watches, while also producing custom versions for each referee during the games.

Since this is Hublot, one of the most prestigious watch brands, the watches will be luxurious. With a traditional Hublot analog face and constructed of titanium, this all-new smartwatch will have six H-shaped screws embellishing its bezel along with a Kevlar insert, all in a 13.9 mm-thick case.

Apart from the specifications, what really makes the watch special is the connection to the 21st FIFA World Cup and how it uses the Wear OS to keep sports fans in touch with the games. The watch is created in such a way that it will notify the wearer 15 minutes prior to every game’s kickoff, and also buzz them when there’s a red or yellow card. Furthermore, as the game progresses, the dial will keep showing statistics of whichever of the 64 matches is currently going on at that time.

And here comes the most amazing part - the watch will also vibrate and display the word GOAL instantly every time a team scores.

The ref versions of this brilliant watch will be slightly different and modified in terms of the notification system. The watch will have videos and special sensors on the field, which will give the refs access to information that has never been offered at a soccer game before. Now, the refs can watch instant replays as well as follow the trajectory of the ball right from their wrist. Isn’t that amazing?