Ascend Money boosts up the electronic payment system with Red Hat

Ascend Money boosts up the electronic payment system with Red Hat
The Siliconreview
31 May, 2018

Ascend Money will collaborate with the American Software firm, Red Hat Inc. to help enable and speed up the electronic payment systems across Southeast Asia. Being one of the ASEAN’s leading fintech companies, Ascend Money will utilize Red Hat’s technology to scale and deliver a seamless application services across the region.

With the collaboration, Ascend Money will constantly deliver application services across all ASEAN nations by using Red Hat’s financial solutions, Ansible automation and satellites. Ascend Money can make, host and scale applications easily across multi-cloud and hybrid environments with the Red Hat Container platform. The platform is suitable for money transfers, bill payments, and mobile recharge. By combining developers and its operations in a single platform, it enables businesses to attain higher efficiencies.

Due to the flexibility and scalability of Red Hat’s platform, it has paved a way for Ascend Money to create a secure and stable environment for their customers by offering new features. Red Hat will also assist the Fintech to achieve its current and future business goals.

In addition, Ascend Money will be benefited with efficient management and automated provisioning of infrastructures across different environments because of Red Hat’s Ansible solution and satellite. “On our road to digital transformation, it was critical for us to move to open source and take advantage of innovative technologies like Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and Red Hat Ansible Automation to host and scale applications across hybrid and multi-cloud environments,” said Jason Jackson, group chief technology officer of Ascend Money.