Firefox’s new logo is soon to be launched

siliconreview Firefox’s new logo is soon to be launched

The logo is probably the first thing that we picture in our minds when we think of a famous product or company. Mozilla Firefox has the same logo since the browser was launched back in 2002. Mozilla says that it’s time for a change.

Since the brand is evolving, it is the right time to make changes to its design and the first thing to redo will be the logo. Mozilla Creative Director, Tim Murray highlights the company’s success in a blog post and mentions about the side projects that the company has undertaken recently such as Firefox Rocket (a browser for connection with less bandwidth) and Firefox Reality (a browser for Virtual Reality).

While the company has shared a few designs that could be the new logo probably, but none of them are final. The company might make further changes in the logo design and it is asking for feedback. It seems a bit early to talk about it as it is in the initial days of the process, but reportedly, the company is getting a new logo or more precisely, new logos.

The work is presented in two systems, one of which might be launched as the new logo. Each system comprises of one “Masterbrand” logo and 11 supplementary logos. The Masterbrand logo is to represent the brand as a whole, and others are for individual products.