Microsoft to bid for the Pentagon’s JEDI cloud contract

Microsoft to bid for the Pentagon’s JEDI cloud contract
The Siliconreview
27 October, 2018

The Pentagon’s very own enterprise cloud dubbed the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) will fetch its developer a staggering $10 billion. The bidding process for this pharaonic mega project has attracted its fair share of criticism over concerns of the application of artificial intelligence. Google had withdrawn its bid, citing ethical concerns. The internet titan follows a strict code of ethics when it comes to the development and usage of something as revolutionary as artificial intelligence. However, Microsoft has no such qualms, stating that it believed in the defense of the United States and wanted its armed forces to have the very best technology at its disposal.

What’s interesting about this contract is its “winner takes all” nature, wherein the company that wins the bid gets the entire $10 billion and would have to develop the entire cloud-based ERP platform. Microsoft has made it clear that it has all the intention to win this contract. But, Amazon is considered to be the top contender for this contract, with Jeff Bezos even saying that it would be a mistake for technology corporations to ignore the United States armed forces.

Other companies contending for the contract are IBM and Oracle. Brad Smith, the president of Microsoft has issued a statement that his company will be a bidder in military contracts, even if some of its employees have a problem with all the ethics involved.