Audi, Airbus and Italdesign unveil plans for autonomous flying taxis

Audi, Airbus and Italdesign unveil plans for autonomous flying taxis
The Siliconreview
28 November, 2018

The automobile industry is undergoing rapid changes as we speak. With corporations like Waymo and Uber planning to launch self-driven cars in the near future, we may see the entire automobile sector revolutionized. Autonomous cars would bolster productivity and prevent car crashes caused by human errors, in addition, to relieve traffic snarls that most big cities suffer from. Taking the concept of autonomous vehicles to new horizons, the German auto giant Audi along with Airbus and Italdesign has unveiled what may very well be a glimpse into the future.

The three corporations presented a miniaturized working prototype of a drone that can pick up the cabin of a self-driven electric car and then fly it to its intended destination. Insiders claimed that since the population of cities is rapidly growing and the world is ever more digitized and connected, getting vehicles off the ground and into the air is the only viable solution to limit the traffic congestion caused by an ever-increasing usage of automobiles. The reasoning being that such services would be extremely beneficial to senior citizens and others who cannot drive. The triumvirate of companies is ambitious and fully confident that their vision will become a reality before the next decade is out. Sources confirmed that a proper, life-sized working prototype is in the pipeline

Innovations such as these will surely go a long way in improving the lives of its users, enabling them to avoid all the stress and hassles of driving in peak hour traffic. But as automation becomes mainstream, it could result in millions of drivers losing their jobs.