Alibaba Collaborates with ABU Sports

Alibaba Collaborates with ABU Sports
The Siliconreview
04 September, 2018

Alibaba Group, the Chinese e-commerce company has partnered with ABU sports, Asia-Pacific Union Sports Network to provide its cloud services and computing infrastructure for helping the sports network work more efficiently.

The partnership paved a way for ABU sports to use Alibaba’s cloud-based solutions which can help them to transmit live videos, and audios for any international sports events to countries like Fiji, Cambodia, and Mongolia.

Alibaba’s Cloud’s platform will provide an unlimited and HD recording space for ABU sports. The platform will help the recordings to operate more efficiently, including supporting other large-scale sports events even in the future.

The move by Alibaba indicates that the e-commerce giant is working on enhancing its cloud platform and expand its presence in the field of sports.

To boost the cloud platform and expanding its presence in the world of sports, Last year, the company announced a partnership with the International Olympic Committee to leverage cloud technologies for digitizing sports operations.

The cloud market is expanding fast with high growth prospects. According to a report, Gartner predicted that the public cloud market will touch $411.4 B by 2020 and the cloud market in China is likely to cross the $20 B mark by 2020, witnessing a compounded yearly growth rate of 40%.

However, the company needs to buckle up, as competition in the cloud computing market is intense, particularly with players like Amazon already ruling, and Microsoft and Alphabet determined to strengthen their positions in the fast-growing segment.